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Home-remedies to be followed for proper skin care

Skin is the major organ of our body which covers the entire body and determines what the external appearance looks like which makes it very essential to take proper care of it. Skin care routine can be reflected by our beauty which also helps in illuminating whether we are healthy or not. A healthy skin means that the body is working appropriately with effects like regulation and excretion of the temperature taken care of.

There are many remedies to sustain a healthy good looking skin which is both commercial and home remedies, but the commercial remedies come along with it’s after effects problems. This is why one should always opt for shove free home remedies which not only helps in prevention of our skin but also helps in maintaining our body.

Following are the few home-remedies with their benefits which can be opted for taking proper care of our skin


Lemon Juice

Lemons have a lot of beneficial acids and vitamins which help in keeping the skin glossy and smooth. Lemon is not a modern invention but is been used as a remedy for quite a long time.

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  • Cure skin conditions like scars by making it lighter and helps in preventing acne and stretch marks.
  • Helps in smoothing of skin and also helps in eliminating adverse elements like blackheads.


Baking Soda

Baking soda when applied on skin helps in drying up the surface after a while and also collects all the remains on the skin. It also helps in taking away all the particles which may be blocking the pores in the skin and then prevents them from functioning appropriately.

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  • Eliminates excess oil present within the skin.
  • The skin is left even smoother after every remedy.



Honey is a natural state which contains a collection of vitamins, also contains minerals and amino acids which keep the skin with hydration and nourishment. Mixing the blended apples with some natural honey which helps in making the skin smooth and glossy.

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  • Acts as an antioxidant that prevents the damaging the skin
  • Helps in keeping the skin healthy and smooth along with its anti-bacterial capabilities.



There are two remedies that can be opted from the cucumber. The first is to blend the cucumber well and convert it into a thick paste, then adulterate them with cool lemon juice, stir it well and apply on the skin, rinse the pack after ten minutes with cold water and they put it to dry.  Second, slice up a cucumber then lay the wedge on the skin where you feel the irritation or else you can also rub the wedges gently on your skin for five minutes which also helps in soothing the skin.

Source: stylecraze


  • Helps in hydrating the skin and elimination of any form of tenderness in a natural way.
  • Is a good source of vitamins such as vitamin C and K.
  • Effective for razor bumps and sunburns
  • Helps in soothing the skin by reducing the irritation been caused.


Therefore, the remedies mentioned above can be opted for taking care of our skin aturally which helps in smoothing and glowing our skin.