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dealing with anxiety without medication

dealing with anxiety without medication—Times are stressful. But every person has a different definition of anxiety. It is that one feeling of nervousness and panic which makes you want to grab on to something and just let the moment pass.

dealing with anxiety without medication — For me, anxiety comes with a surge of emotions, each one different than the other. I would feel angry, lost, scared, confused, and hopeful and controlled all at the same time.

Though I cannot exactly point out what triggers it, the symptoms I experience, include: palpitations, sweating, shaking and having sleep paralysis. But I found ways to help myself and deal with my emotions using the following ways.dealing with anxiety without medication

dealing with anxiety without medication


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During the night, when I go to bed, I always listen to audio books. It’s like having someone talk you of all things wise and sensible. And I am able to fall asleep within 2 hours of listening to the book. You can listen to any kind of books you prefer; fiction, self-help, biographies! Audio books are a great way of helping yourself to sleep peacefully.



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dealing with anxiety without medication I find that anything engaging my senses and creativity helps me sort things out in my mind. So I love to indulge in creative activities like craft and DIYS. It can be different for everyone. If you like singing, indulge in it! It could be playing an instrument, spending time with kids, painting, learning a new skill. Find anything that keeps your mind occupied on a proactive level.



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dealing with anxiety without medication We often feel too buried under our own worries. Listening to others talk about themselves is the last thing we want to do. But trust me, becoming a good listener, can actually be quiet therapeutic. Now you don’t have to do to the whiniest person and hear them crib all day. But don’t run away from people who want to share things with you. Get involved in meaningful conversations and if you don’t want to talk, that okay! Just listen.


The way I look at this is that if my inner self is in a turmoil, disorganised surroundings would only make matters worse for me! Personally, having my surroundings clean and organised helps me to relax and makes me feel at ease.


dealing with anxiety without medication This may seem strange but its just something I discovered accidentally. So another thing you can do to relax your mind and help you wonder about something else other than your worries, is listening to music from a different culture. Find the culture you are most attracted to and soak in it through its music. It blocks all the inner noises your mind is making.

dealing with anxiety without medication I realise that some of these ways may seem strange. In no way am I saying that all these are tried and tested methods which will work for sure. These are just something which helped me immensely and there is no harm in trying them anyways! All the best!


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