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How to earn money when you are idle?

Don’t want to take a hectic job of 9 to5, and still want to earn money. Probably, you will be thinking how it is possible. Everything is possible in today’s life. There are many legal ways to earn money. However, many students took part time job to pay their fees. On the contrary some lazy people are too much jerk. They look for easy and short cut method to earn money. If you are interested in earning without investment. Here are some things which you can do like write a book, create a website or develop a mobile application. Surely, you can sit on your couch and eat the fruit without putting much effort. Here are some ideas, which you can take up easily.

  1. Write a book

Writing a book is a work of imagination and creativity. However, intelligent people say that who work with imagination are more successful. For sure it’s okay you can try to write a book. Draft your ideas and start executing your ideas.

  1. Create a mobile application

Tinder is a growing dating app, and its designer is earning in millions. Likewise, you can also become Mark Zuckerberg. Make sure to use your mind in a positive manner. Find a idea and make a really interesting application.

  1. Write articles

Writing is one of the creative profession. However, a writer with a pen can change the world. Famous literary icons like Shakespeare was not a university pass out. Still he is considered as the “Father of Literature”.

  1. Take beautiful images

You are not required a professional camera to shoot the pictures. Furthermore, you will be needing just scenic beauty and a good phone camera. Moreover, the ability and passion to capture the image. The images which speaks truth and seems real.

  1. Sell insurance

Marketing a product over social media is an easy task. Probably, you can sell insurance policies and earn good commission. Just convince your friends or relatives to sell the insurance policies.

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