How to make a resume that will increase your chance of fetching your dream job


How to make a resume-  A resume is the most important thing if you are applying for any job. Most of the companies try to shortlist the candidates for the job on the basis of their resume. According to a study conducted by various employer’s way to selecting the candidates, it was revealed that most of the employers spend less than 5 seconds on each resume. This means that your resume has less than 10 seconds to impress your employer.

You might think that the challenge is over but the worst yet comes. The increase in population has increased the worries for all the candidates. The jobs are getting, less use the latest technological inventions. Already, there are many sectors which are on the verge of complete replacement of human with machines. If you add all the condition, then you will realize that chances of getting a job will only get difficult in coming times.

For years, the conventional narrative was facts: job titles, tenures, education, etc. But, now the things have changed as the companies want to know who you are and whether that person is someone they’d want. A resume needs to be a narrative because a narrative will convey who you are.

You should sit down and try to gather all the facts about you and spend more time in making a perfect resume. Some of the key questions that you should ask –

  1. what you consider to be your most impressive experiences to date

  2. a few lines about your biggest projects, research work

So, how will you convince your employer in 10 seconds?


  1. Powerful and Brief

You should think about all the accomplishment and define them properly. Remove irrelevant information or anything that seems too buzzword as this would only hide the relevant details. Remember that you can’t lie about accomplishments as sooner or later you will be caught. You should choose the word carefully while describing your role in the previous job.