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How to tell whether she is interested in you?

Dating could be hard and confusing. Have you been to a date where everything went as you planned only to find out later that she is not interested in you? This could be heartbreaking after all the efforts that you have put to make that date successful. Also, suppose that your date went great then how will you figure out that you should move forward with the relationship.

There’s nothing easy about putting your heart on the line. Rejection stings, especially when it seems like you are connecting romantically. Just because you’re attracted and having a nice conversation doesn’t mean she’s open to your advances! So, how will you tell whether she is interested in you or not?

  1. She will try to contact with more than ever

One of the best way to find out whether she is interested in you or not. If any girl will be interested in you then she will try various ways to get in touch with you. She’ll want to know how you feel about things, not just your favorite movies and music. If any girls share a personal story with you then she is telling you that she wants to be with you and get to know you better.

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A sure sign she’s interested is if she is quick to respond to you, or if she reaches out and initiates conversation. If she flirts and tries to engage with you over text rather than simply replying to your email then probably she’s interested in you.

How to tell whether she is interested in you?

  1. The way she reacts to whatever you say

You could also try to guess whether she is interested in you or not by observing the way she reacts to whatever you say. If she’s asking a lot of questions, is fully engaged in conversation with you, and even mimics your voice or gestures, she’s into you. But if she is trying to hurry you or trying to focus on other things then she is probably not into you. If she lets her gaze linger on you, in which case she’s showing you her cards.

Women aren’t afraid to make eye contact when they feel attracted to a man.

  1. You will be her only concern

Does she call you to check out whether you are well or not? Does she try to solve your real-life problem? If this so then she really cares about you and wants to be with you.

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A true relationship is very hard to find. So, if you find one then you should try your best to keep that for the lifetime.

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