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How to work in Advertising?

Want to work in advertising but confused how to start? Do not worry, by following these steps you can get a job in advertising.

Advertising persuades, informs, competes and entertains. It persuades consumers to change their behaviour or informs them about a certain product and/or services.

An ad agency can range from a tiny studio of just two to a multinational company. There are approximately about 250 major advertising and marketing agencies in Australia currently, with several other small agencies. Advertising is a very creative field, but is also stressful and demanding.




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Types of jobs in the Advertising industry include:


Advertising Account Executive

An Account Executive acts as the bridge between client and agency, ensuring the smooth running of client accounts.


Advertising Art Director

Art Directors are responsible for creating the look of an advert, using a keen artistic eye to promote a brand or product.


Advertising Account Manager

An Account Manager ensures the agency is meeting a client’s needs while managing the accounts team.


Advertising Copywriter

Responsible for the development of advertising concepts and copy.


Skills required to help you bag a job in advertising

  • Advanced written and verbal communication skills
  • Management skills
  • Computer savvy
  • Social media marketing
  • Openness to learning new things
  • Ability to work under high pressure


Tips for the interview

  • Make sure to enter in advertising competitions. If you win it there are chances that many multinational companies will pick you. In advertising getting an exposure is very essential.
  • Choose graphic designing as an elective if possible so that you can be in front of the pack by creating a sketch of how the ad is going to look like.
  • Find information about the agency you will be interviewing for.
  • Interviewers in the advertising industry tend to look for raw skills that can’t be taught, like creativity, hustle and likeability.
  • Research about the post you will be applying for and ask a lot of questions which will show your curiosity!
  • So there you have it! Follow these steps and you will easily get a job in advertising!

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