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How yoga helps with bipolar disorder?

Maintaining balance is essential in fact it’s important and if you ask any bipolar patient you will get to know that how important it is to maintain yourself because for them it’s not an easy task to keep mind balanced. Only yoga can help them in dealing with this bipolar disorder.

Generally, bipolar patients have these mood swings and sometimes are even unpredictable and they even suffer from different phases of depression and eagerness. In this world, around 51 million people across are suffering from this bipolar disorder that initially causes them social, work-related and financial problems. Yoga is considered to the excellent treatment to treat bipolar disorder as yoga reduces stress and is a major trigger for emotional states. Yoga would not only manage the bipolar disorder but would also brace up you mentally and physically so that you are able to cope up with it.

Just before starting it further it would be great if we get to understand about bipolar disorder.

What do you mean by Bipolar Disorder?

A bipolar disorder is considered to be a mental health condition that initially affects the brain and it leads to mood swings, less energy, and activity levels. It can be genetical or any trauma like childhood abuse or long term stress. You can say the mood swings vary from tremendous hyperactivity to supreme dullness or depression. It depends; they either remain for a longer period of time or occur alternatively. Maniac is considered to be the most energized period where as depressive is considered to be the dullest phase. While the maniac period is going on or when maniac period occurs the person becomes abnormally energetic either extremely super excited or overly enthusiastic and due to this person becomes really restless and this leads problems in sleeping for them. If the condition gets worst then the person gets unrealistic thoughts and due to this they get erratic and impulsive either hallucinates.

On the other hand when the depressive period occurs the person becomes entirely negative and find all the negative ways towards life and suffers due to these anxiety disorders. They usually feel depressive, dull and lifeless. Nothing rejoice them and they don’t feel like living they get suicidal tendencies. Hypomania is considered to be that immediate stage in which a person is more excited and over enthusiastic and is highly productive

Now, let’s read how yoga helps with bipolar disorder

If you’re suffering from bipolar disorder then stress is considered to be the major component that mainly focuses on emotional conditions which are extreme. When you’re in either manic or depressive mode, anxiety makes it even worse. If you concentrate on doing yoga more often than you can easily eliminate stress and anxiety. The major way of dealing with bipolar disorder is by stretching your body and keeping it healthy and if you do yoga only then it would help. If you do yoga regularly it will not only synchronize your body but would also help in getting rid of this disorder. To balance and train your body and mind to make it better you can do Pranayama and meditation as they are one of the best exercises to deal with bipolar disorder as yoga not only increase the serotonin and gamma amino butyric levels of the brain but also helps in fighting depression. However, yoga is considered to be a very helpful tonic to manage or control bipolar disorder and also improves overall physical condition and wellness so that you are able to deal with the bipolar disorder well.

Suffering from bipolar disorder is not a good choice as it can take the life out of you and can cause you harm it’s better not to waste time and do yoga and exercise as well in order to live a happy and better life. If you want to make your life better then you should start from today and avoid any such thing which would harm only you.

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