My Husband Used A Gun To Have Sex With Me; Indore Woman Reveals About The IT Expert She Married In 2012


An Indore woman has given a written complaint to DIG against her depraved husband, who threw her out of the house and later “kidnapped” her two daughters deceptively.

But the more shocking details she revealed about the ill treatment meted out by her vile husband was how he forced her to make sexual relation with him.

Shweta Shah, in her complaint, wrote that her second child was delivered through cesarean following which she remained weak and seldom sick.

During that period her husband Karnav, who is an IT expert, would often demand that she had sex with him. When Shweta would refuse, he would forcibly make sexaul relation with her at gunpoint.

To intimidate her further, Karnav would sleep with her while keeping the gun between them on the bed, as told by her in the complaint.

She added that each time she rejected his indecent advances, Karnav would pose ridiculous questions to his parents asking whether ‘she is his sister?’

As per her complaint, the two had a love marriage despite which she was harassed over dowry and her savings of Rs 6 lakh also grabbed by Karnav.

Shweta told that her husband is an expert in hacking and call spoofing. “He used to show me how a Facebook ID is hacked and would say he can trap anyone,” she told.

After her complaint to the DIG, investigation into the matter has begun.