Importance of using hand gestures in a presentation

Source: ethos3

If you work in any professional company, then you would know that giving a presentation is one big part of the day to day job. We often have to give many presentations to various people like our boss for the survey or to the potential investor. There are various people who tend to convince almost everyone with their presentations and speeches. So, what is the one skill that separates you from the people who are expert in giving presentations?

There are various factors in giving a proper and convincing presentation. If your members or listeners as getting bored then you should try to interact with some of them or probably tell some funny fact. This will prevent them from focusing on anything other. But, if you really want to keep your audience interested then hand gestures are a powerful way to do the same. Effective gestures help to build trust and convey your ideas more clearly.


hand gestures


According to a survey, communication is 93% non-verbal and only 7% verbal, while all the rest is expressed through body language. Gesturing actually makes people pay closer attention to the speech. When people see a gesture, they expect that there is dialogue to go along with it. So, while you are rehearsing your speech, try to rehearse your hand gestures as well. You should not link your hands behind your back as you speak as it will make you seem rigid and your audience will lose interest.

Let’s see some of the hand gestures that you can use to keep your audience engaged.



  • Hand “steepling” instead of hand “wringing”

Steve Jobs used hand steepling during his presentation to convey a message of confidence and wisdom. You could also do that but remember not to use hand “wringing” because it comes across as fidgety and nervous behaviour. Hands steepling can be used when you want to switch topics.