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Innovative women founders

Innovative women founders that have made this world a better place

There are large numbers of companies that are founded every year. Some of these companies perform very well and go on to become a big company but some of these companies fail to draw so much attention toward itself. So was the case in 2016 and 2017.
There were many startups in these years. Some of these startups draw a lot of attention toward themselves. The main attraction of these startups was that many of the startups were initiated by women.
This is a very big step toward the equality and freedom for the women. Women founders again prove the fact that women are no less than men and they could also handle the big business and corporate world.

So, let’s look at the 10 innovative women founders.

1.    Dr. Rachel Gawley

Dr. Rachel Gawley is an award-winning mobile technology specialist, CEO, and founder of AppAttic. She holds a Ph.D. in the field of Software Architecture and previously a research fellowship in connected health.
Source- AppAtic
Source- AppAtic

Also, she has commercialized research for many start-ups and has published over 1000 apps to mobile App Stores. She also likes to make things and more importantly break existing models to build a better future.

Her current focus is on creating a revolution in healthcare. Her vision of the future is the world that focuses on maintaining health and personalizing care based on the longitudinal data. Rachel is leading the team at AppAttic to create games that engage users with their health for positive behavior change.

2.    Kathryn Minshew

She cofounded the muse and then it has since become a go-to destination of tons of millennial and a growing percentage of older job seekers.
women founders
The Muse now garners more than 50 million visitors per year, many of whom are apparently come for the troves of features at the site, from skill-building courses to actual coaching.
The Muse has raised $28.7 million across four rounds, including a $16 million Series B round that closed in June.

3.    Katrina Lake

Stitch Fix is cofounded by CEO Katrina Lake while at HBS, is evidently clicking with the whole lot of customers, who pay a $20 fee to receive a box of five items chosen expressly for them based on their preferences, then they receive them on demand or at the regular intervals.
women founders
The San Francisco-based company has raised more than $45 million from investors.

4.    Ashley Dombkowski

She is the co-founder of the company named Before Brands. This company raised a whopping amount of $13 million in just five months of its launching.

5.    Sallie Krawcheck

She has worked as the president at Bank of America, CFO of Citigroup.
sallie-krawcheck women founders
Sallie started Ellevest, which is a digital investment startup launched in early 2015. The company has raised more than $20 million till now.

6.    Cindy Mi

She founded the company VIPKid. This company matches the Chinese students with North American instructors. It has raised more than $150 million. This start helps both the students and the teachers.

7.    Angela Lee

Angela is an assistant dean of the Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence at Columbia Business School. Looking at the investing landscape, she was appalled at the lack of women investing and felt it was limiting the innovation economy.
women founders
She founded Angels, which is an angel investment network that trains women to invest in early stage start-ups.
The network evaluates over 2,000 startups a year.

8.     Tanya Menendez

She is the co-founder of the Makers row. It has all the information regarding the end to end manufacturing process at one place.
 women founders
This company gives you the resource to start your manufacturing process and start the production.

9.    Anisha Singh

Anisha started her career by working with the Clinton administration. She helped the women entrepreneurs to raise the fund for their company. She later came to India and started Kings solutions.
This company provides the e-learning solution for more than 500 companies.

10.    Barbara Demeneix

Barbara is the professor of Physiology at the Natural History Museum in Paris. She studies the evolution of hormone systems there.
She invented the first method for screening chemicals and environmental samples using genetically-engineered fluorescent embryos.
women founders
Barbara is also the co-founder of Watch Frog. This company uses marketing biological tests for screening chemicals and assessing the water quality.
She is active on many international committees and has been recognized for her mentoring.

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