How to Make More Time to Workout?

Fitness Happiness Workout
Fitness Happiness Workout

Time. It’s something that almost every single one of us wishes we had more of but yet, have no power to change. Each and every one of us only gets 24 hours each day so it all comes down to how we make use of those hours and prioritize the things that are important to us.

If you have a demanding career, a family at home, and other social obligations you need to keep, you may wonder how you’ll ever fit in your workout program.

Not to fret. It is possible to carve time out of the busiest of schedules to fit fitness in. Let’s go over how you can do this.

Keep A Time Journal Log For One Week

The very first step to finding more time to workout is to actually keep track of where you are spending your time each week. It’s a great idea to keep a time journal log for the course of one week. Write down what you are doing during each hour during the day and how productive you are.

As you do this, also note any time that you may have spent doing things that weren’t productive. Once you start to see where you are wasting time, you may easily be able to see how you can re-arrange your schedule to make more time for fitness.

Remember, even if you only spend 5 minutes of each hour wasting time not doing anything, if you can cut that out, that will give you over an hour of extra time each day – which is more than enough to get a good workout.

Set An Earlier Bedtime

The next tip to consider if you want to carve time for a workout is to set an earlier bedtime. This way, you can wake up earlier and get the workout in before you head out for your day. Most of us are wasting hours each night before bed watching TV, surfing our smart phones or going on the Internet. Do you really need to be doing this? Most often, not.

Make a few changes so that you can go to bed earlier and wake up earlier to get the workout in.

Skip Your Leisurely Lunch

Most of us get one hour for lunch at work. Look at your day to day routine. How are you spending this time? If you’re going out with co-workers, browsing the internet at your work computer, or just fiddling around chatting with others in the office, it’s time to get productive.