Some are blessed with this quality, some acquires through practice and training, and some remain untouched. Having a successful professional career is something all of us stride forward for, regardless some goes extra miles forward and get on the top and some remain behind at the bottom.

Today! Competition, Technology, and Innovation is pushing enterprises and the workforce against the wall increasing efficiency, and cost reduction to sustain their margins and growth. Thus, it’s tough for both – the organization and the people working with them to grow.

managers are paid for output not for activity
managers are paid for output not for activity

Under the circumstances, for managers it is important to become successful and deliver their responsibilities more effectively. People, who do it more effectively and efficiently – has higher chances to quickly reach at the top of success ladder, which could not – gets trapped at middle, and worse remain at the bottom of success ladder. Therefore, it’s important for everyone to know where you stand as a successful manager.

Following text shall help you with self assessment of the situation you are in. Furthermore, you are in problem — If you are accepting these 10 phrases from your team:

4. I have informed them. Attitude of “I will not take any accountability my work.” Don’t allow your team simply passing the bugs around. Make your team accountable. Remember, their job is to deliver results and not to do activities alone.

Try to make them understand their importance in the team and the work they are doing. Discuss how their work will affect performance of other. This will bring discipline, accountability and work ownership.

5. I think I will do it. Don’t waste time in trials. Some people use this phrase to impress their boss to avoid accepting the fact that they do not know how to do it.

Try inspiring them and counsel them on ways to do it. They need some motivation to take that extra step forward. Don’t miss to take the final confirmation – Yes! I will do it by.

6. It’s almost completed. This is tricky! People use it to dodge circumstances. Always try to define timeline – hours, days, years exactly required to complete the remaining task.

Be tough with such characters. Try to understand, why they could not able to complete 100% work and say why only 99%. Discuss time and resources required by them to complete balance work.

7. It’s not my fault. I am good in passing the blame. I will not any accountability of work assigned to me. Stop blaming others, understand problem and focus to work on solution.

Try to understand situation and accordingly motivate or tighten the loose ends. Sometime negative comparisons with their competitors may bring positive energy within the team. Let them know that their performance are monitored based on the results they achieve.

8. I will try my best. Make it clear if you will do it or not? It’s not an R&D time, you better say yes or no.

Try to discuss and ascertain if your resource has the desired skill set to do it. Explain them the way forward.

9. You will get in a second. Let’s get practical and commit me a realistic time frame. Never allow your team to commit unrealistic timeframe as it is obvious you are going to fail with them.

Time is money! Discuss the importance of time management. Explain how false commitment can affect yours and team’s performance as whole.

10. Nobody helped me. I am not capable to gather and dig information out from others. Also, this relates to bad interpersonal skills of the person.

This can be a real scenario so be little cautious in handling such answer. Understand the inputs required to complete the task and manage to arrange it for them. Also, encourage your team to work on their interpersonal skills as it may not be possible for you to help your team on every instance.

Everyone wants to be successful, so make sure your words aren’t holding you back. These 10 phrases are suicidal — by avoiding them, you can be booming and become a successful manager.