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Marijuana – A joint a day keeps the doctor away!

Marijuana is also known as pot, grass, herb, weed, ganja, bud etc… Marijuana is a psychoactive drug but its health benefits can no longer go unnoticed. Smoking is the most common method for consuming marijuana. Even-though there are several ways to consume it, most people smoke it as a hand rolled cigarette which is called as joint. Around the world, cannabis is the most commonly used illegal drug. There are 2 active chemical components in marijuana (CBD & THC) which researchers proven to have medical applications.

CBD – Cannabidol is a component in cannabis that has many medical effects. CBD rich cannabis could be effective in easing symptoms of a wide range of difficult to control conditions. In recent days concentrated resins with high dose of active ingredients (CBD) are popular among those who use them recreationally and medically. Some researchers say that smoking the right strain in the right amount is definitely good for you.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

One of the most significant benefits is its pain relieving qualities. Recreational marijuana is considered to be the safest natural pain killer in planet earth. It is very useful for treating chronic pain and more effective than synthetic painkillers in pharmaceuticals. CBD ingredient in it has been shown to reduce body pain and inflammation.

Marijuana boost you creativity

It is believed that cannabis will vastly improve your creativity. Many artists from the past and present have all turned to weed, to help unlock their creativity. Creative ability may come from the release of dopamine in the brain, allowing people to feel relaxed and giving the brain the ability to think different. Successful artists and performers claimed that their best works are produced while smoking a joint or two.

Marijuana will help you sleep

It is so beneficial in treating insomnia. In my opinion, smoking a joint before bed time will help you go to sleep faster. Rather than relying on sleeping pills, marijuana can be used as an effective sleep aid.

Marijuana safer than alcohol

Cannabis is less deadly than alcohol and it can also help people to cut back on drinking. Research proves that it is less addictive and doesn’t cause much physical damage.  Some people use it as a less harmful substitute for alcohol and other illegal drugs. It also helps you to give up on other illicit drugs.

Marijuana ease panic attacks

Cannabis helps a person in controlling or handling panic attacks. It can also help the mind to slow down and relax.

Apart from its benefits it also has some side effects. Cannabis research is a burdensome task since the plant species is illegal in many countries. Its potential is currently being explored at several research centers in the U.S and other countries.

(Caution: It’s not completely risk free)

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