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Meet Stanley Hector – A young promising film maker from Indore

Every day, he sat at his study table and dreamt of film making. He couldn’t help it and it’s somewhat reminiscent of a malady. for several years, he thought it was a variety of psychopathy as story ideas just kept coming back to him and he simply kept forcing himself to ignore them, suppressing all his natural instincts. “I never really thought I’ll be a filmmaker, though’ I had an ingenious facet to me since my childhood. I loved painting then and won first prize in my district in a competition organized by LIC. I used to edit videos throughout my school days, however, wasn’t clear where should I apply my ability” says Stanley.



Stanley Hector, an Indore based film maker is making ripples within the arena of independent film-making. His films have been selected at the Intershort online Film Awards, Tanzania representing India among twelve different countries. His films also got placed at the Indore International Festival further winning its path to Pune Short festival. He elucidates about his journey that had begun way back in his school days. “After creating promotional videos for my school I gradually realised that film making is what I actually have been finding out all my life. It provides me emotional satisfaction and also the feeling of creating something on your own is priceless. Before starting I educated myself well on the topic through the web, I also used to play guitar and had a band of my own in Bhopal,” he further adds.



The urge of creating something. It’s that one factor that comes unasked out of his heart, mind, mouth and also the gut. It’s the drive of narrating events that steer him to create something that inspires his efforts to get hold of an art form. He has stories within him to tell that we believe not solely would be best for films but also is one thing audience would get pleasure from. This 23-year-old lad is someone, who has voluminous originative concepts that do not perpetually belong underneath one genre and according to him, “Filmmaking is the only means through which I can tell them the best”.


At first, he was inspired by all those eminent filmmakers who searched for some art. Following which he decided to go after the guitar, made theatre his vent, grabbed the camera and eventually slithered into film-making. “The urgent need to tell stories is that one thing that’s common in all art forms”. The magnanimity of the moving frames affects him like nothing else. “It’s divine”. Moreover, every soul is born with an insane power – to be able to dream while they’re asleep, even while they’re awake. The psyche of him has perpetually been good with visual storytelling, where every single time it creates a brand new world for him, he edits it, and creates a newer one that further adds him to be a part of some other reality, says the award winning filmmaker of the short film “The Pink Scarf – A life after”; which was based on the issue of acid attacks on women.


He had directed his first short film by the name of ‘Pedal’ that found its place within the top ten national submissions of IIT Indore’s cultural fest Fluxus, the film additionally got chosen by Pocket Films, an online YouTube channel for short film promotion. It also featured in top five out of fifty entries in Sutradhar festival, Indore which was sent for judgment to FTII, Pune. His second short film ‘The Wall’ got screened at SIGNIS festival, Malaysia and Patna.


A film is a super confluence of all art forms. “I do not know of any medium where photography, storytelling, editing, music and many more merge so well. Film making demands an active analysis of the subject, spending hours on a screenplay, setting the music to hold the mood…even an unhealthy share of management”. From a journey that began at school, Stanley has come a long way now. His latest, Midnight at 2 is a short film that captures a short moment between 2strangers who experience that they’re not alone. The film goes on to point out that there’s somebody out there going through similar issues as you’re, even if you don’t know where to look. “It all started once Arjun Banerjee(writer) and I (director) stumbled on the portrait of a boy and a lady standing in their respective balconies, one above the other, staring into the moon sky. Instantly connecting with the pulse of the thought that 2 strangers could find peace in each other at the time of need, we began work on the conceived idea”.




Midnight at 2 is more than a movie. It’s an emotion that most people have experienced. Human beings being social animals are on the constant look out for a companion that they can believe. A companion who will share their worries, desires, joys, and shortcomings. But, with materialistic development engulfing us, we have a tendency of failing to feel those emotions and to express the necessity of wanting somebody to seek out solace in.



The film is crowd funded because the director believes that it’s being created for the crowd. “I assume it makes sense to form them the important owners of the film. Having a wide range of funders will also facilitate our film to reach a wider set of an audience rather than having one specific production house that may host its own screenings”. They’re additionally aiming towards giving the film an ideal professional finesse through proper musical and productional treatment, as they see this film has the potential of winning major film festivals. They’ve spent all the budget they could on this project.



Starring Payal Gupta and Girik Gupta in lead roles, ‘Midnight at Two’ is Directed by Stanley Hector, written by Arjun Banerjee, Videographed by Ashay, Post-Production by Sourav Yadav whereas Music has been done by Swapneel Mahindre. All of these souls are trying arduously to make the film creatively stunning, as it could lay the foundational stone towards good filmmaking.

Do support midnight at 2, because you never know, you could become a share holder of the next big thing in Bollywood among these.

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