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Men Vs Women: in terms of Infidelity

The study shows that women are more likely to signal an end to her primary relationship that if a man cheats. This case is directly related to the thinking style of men and women. Both of them feel differently about relationships. Generally, men are able to separate and compartmentalize intimate connection but women cannot do this.

So, men who casually cheats can do that without feeling a significant amount of emotional connection while women who cheat tend to see the things bit differently. In the case of women. Sex and emotional connection are intermingled which makes the compartmentalization a difficult job.

The difference in cheating

If a women cheat then there is usually an element of romance, connection, intimacy, and love. On the other hand, if men cheat they are more likely to do that to satisfy their sexual urges with almost no thought of intimacy. But, this does not matter than men only cheat to meet their desire but it happens in most of the cases. This also does not affect their primary relationship. This is the prime reason that it is very difficult to find out whether a man is cheating or not. If you are going to ask those men about their primary relationship, then they would mostly say that they are enjoying their time.


Some studies have also shown that men can tell more lie than women without the feeling of guilt. This is the prime reason why most of the men are able to maintain more than one physical relationship in their life for the longer period of time.

But, women do not operate the same way. They give more importance to the trust and belief in the relationship. This is the prime reason that why women are more committed to any relationship than their counterpart. They also do not cheat unless they feel unhappiness in their primary relationship. This is the major reason for women to move away from their primary relationship.

Showing emotions

Women are way better at showing their emotion rather than men. They also try to emotionally connect with something. On the other hand, men are good at hiding their emotions. The studies have also shown that women are more attracted to those men who can show some kind to emotional intimacy. On the other hand, men are more interested in the body shape and beauty. They are more drawn toward to physical relationship rather than women. Their desire is mostly dominated by the physical needs rather than physiological needs.


Women are more involved in the romantic and true relationships. This thing is also depicted in most of the movies. The women try to judge a man on the basis of how much he is able to emotionally connect with her or not. Women try to find a partner with whom she can have the good and long-term bond. On the other hand, men do not look for long term relationship. This is the prime reason why men are most afraid of getting involved in the committed bond.


It is always said that women are better in any relationship and this fact has been proven scientifically also. Men, on the other hand, driven more by physical relationship than to focus on the quality of the relationship.

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