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This Michael Jackson lookalike’s photos have sent the Internet into frenzy mode

Ever since ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson’s death in June 2009, his fans across the world have tried to keep his legacy alive — be it through musical tributes, active social media presence and even with a documentary on the popular singer’s life. But if anything that has got the Internet riled up of late, then it is his eerily similar seeming look-alike Sergio Cortés’ photos. With a Facebook page full of his own photos, Cortés is in fact, a professional impersonator of the late singer and hails from Barcelona.

After a Twitter user GossipGrill tweeted out a photo of Cortés with the caption, “y’all my man is so cute, look at the selfie he just sent me” the Internet went borderline delirious wondering if the ‘Thriller’ hit-maker has risen from the dead, after all. While there is no confirmation as to who the girl is and how she is related to Cortés, his photos have definitely managed to get people worked up.

Check out some of his photos here.

Here are some of the reactions his photos have generated on the Internet. From references to some of his popular hit-makers like Smooth Criminal, They Don’t Care About Us, etc. to wondering if the girl is ‘dating the King of Pop’, people went bonkers.


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