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You know what could convey your free spirit to the world? A perfect bohemian dressing style! Bohemian look is all about loose and comfortable outfits or a relaxed overall look. The thing with bohemian looks is that its trends seem to be inspired by nature. Nothing must look too perfect. Everything has to seem natural. From clothing to hairstyle, here is your guide to nailing the look this summer:


Invest in some heavy jewelry. Bohemian outfits look minimal but the accessories should grab attention. Oxidized necklaces are a great way of adding a rustic touch to your outfit. Go for bracelets which are slightly loose on the wrist. If you prefer rings, by the ones which have huge stones. Of course, make a classy choice. Long and oxidized earrings will look amazing as well. But you cannot wear all the accessories at once. Wear a statement necklace, or a statement ring or statement earrings.


For the hair, you want to opt for a natural look. Long and wavy hair look absolutely gorgeous. For the bohemian look hairstyles, messy hair and textured hair will do the trick. Braids are a great way of adding dimension. Don’t do anything intricate. The hairstyle should look effortless. Braid a few chunks of hair randomly and then just tie them in a ponytail or a messy bun. Let a few strands loose.


Wear slightly over sized clothes. Shrugs look great with simple t-shirts. Opt for clothes with lace or prints. The best way to get your hands on such clothes is to street shop. Also, pick natural and earthy colors like browns, cream whites, old rose pinks, dark greens and blues.


For makeup, do a natural look. The lipstick must not be too bright. Try keeping it close to your natural lip shade. You don’t have to cover every single blemish either, go easy on the skin. However, you can go in with a bronzer and highlighter to give you a sun kissed glow. Apply a nude eye shadow on your lower lash line to make your eyes look brighter.This kind of minimal makeup will work well and escalate the bohemian look.

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