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Nearly 60 Dead In Las Vegas, Mass Shooting

October 2, 2017

Las Vegas authorities are providing more details on Stephen Paddock, the suspect of last night’s deadly shooting at a country music festival on the Las Vegas strip.

Nearly 60 people are dead and more than 500 injured after the mass shooting.

Law enforcement are conducting body recovery, and examining the crime scene for evidence.

They say the 64-year-old was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gun shot wound as police entered his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort.

Paddock shattered multiple windows and rapidly fired at the crowd of more than 20,000 concert goers across the strip at around 10 p.m. local time.

He had been staying at the hotel since last Thursday, and authorities say they found 10 rifles inside his room.

Paddock lived in a local retirement community in Mesquite prior to the shooting.

Authorities searched his home Monday morning, and claim they found nothing out of the ordinary.

Video from the scene showed country singer Jason Aldean continuing to sing as shots rapidly rang out before realizing the seriousness of the situation and rushing off stage.

Las Vegas metropolitan police confirmed one off-duty officer was killed.

Local hospitals are treating people with multiple gunshot wounds, and it’s still unclear how many victims are in critical condition.

Officials say they have spoken to Paddock’s companion who is not being considered a suspect or person of interest in the shooting.

Paddock was reportedly using some of her identification at the hotel.

Without providing evidence, ISIS is claiming responsibility for this attack.

The FBI says they have determined no connection to any foreign terror group at this time.

Reports reveal the shooter’s father was a notorious bank robber in the 60’s and 70’s.

The suspect’s brother said their father— Benjamin Hoskins Paddock– was on the FBI’s most wanted list for years.

FBI officials say the elder Paddock was convicted of robbery as well as car theft, and they described him as a psychopath.

The shooter’s brother said neither of them knew their father well.

Investigators are now trying to determine a motive for the mass shooting.


The Las Vegas Police Department is asking families looking to locate missing loved ones to call the phone number 1-866-535-5654.

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