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An ode to Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan’s representative to UN

Pakistan at United Nations

Going by the statements made by the representative of Pakistan at United Nations which stand as fake and glib as her spoken accent. Anyway, jokes apart, if anyone has hidden behind the doors of hypocrisy it is not India. Numerous instances are documented where India had put forth the idea of discussion with Pakistan for the settlement of peace regarding the land of Baluchistan, numerous occasions are also documented speaking against the violence fueled by Pakistan, additionally numerous agents of ISI in Indian custody are the living proof of Pakistan’s terror encouragement and the list will continue for eternity highlighting how Pakistan at every place has failed to condemn terrorism.


Cease of liberty in India

You have talked about the cease of liberty in India and on the immediate next moment quote an author from India exercising him/her freedom of speech? How is that not defying your very own aforementioned argument? Yes, we are ready to talk about Gujrat riots, but are you ready to talk about the violence happening in West Pakistan?

No one has forgotten the dreadness of 26/11 or the recent Pathankot blast where it has been proved through legal accordances that Pakistan has propelled the Terrorist groups to accomplish such a massacre. Hiding behind the cloth of cowardice has always been your choice, not us.

For the last sixty years, all the governments of India regardless of their political ideologies have done their bit to cease violence in JnK, but Pakistan’s continuous indulgence to nullify such actions have failed the cause of settlement of peace. Mrs. Swaraj is one of them who doesn’t and will not in posterity sit back on this and let the wound heal with time. Her moves towards international diplomacy are intrepid and yes aggressive because India as a country now believes in the speedy recuperation.

Finally, It’s, high time you should stop playing the game of communalization madam representative because you as a country would always fail to understand what is diversity. The violence carried out within your nation in the name of theocracy is somewhat the whole world knows already. The numerous Hindus in Pakistan you’ve killed have remained unaccounted. Your fabricated statements madam delegate will continue to keep your populace in delusion probably but not us, as we Indians have the power to segregate truth from distorted and untrue.


  • Economic Times
  • Image courtesy: Google Images