One blessing from the Himalayas – Bir – Billing

Bir Billing - Sun-set-Bir-Billing-Himachal-Pradesh
Bir Billing - Sun-set-Bir-Billing-Himachal-Pradesh

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And I believe that a rolling stone actually gathers moss. Here is my latest story.

Diamond cut air – Ruskin bond

At least they are green and the weather is pleasant. Huffing and puffing, we reached our sites you begin to break in what Ruskin bond described as “diamond cut air”. Life comes to a halt when you see a breathtaking view from hills and the paragliders gliding through amidst the sky. Documenting the traditional houses which were made of wood and mud and there is space for livestock inside the houses. Fascinating. For a glimpse of traditional Himalayan way of life we were even living with the people, eating ripe oranges plucked from the trees.

The people I came across were exceptionally friendly. The owner of the house with her wrinkled face welcomed us with a saffron tika my forehead. They usually used to come up with water, tea and fruits when we were documenting their houses.

We had gone to the colony which was the center of the town. I had bought some traditional flags and the Tibetan crockery for Ma, since she had an eye for them. The sight of paragliders looking as superhuman reaching onto earth and the bright grin on their face showed the elation. Green meadows located above the village of Bir are considered as one of the greatest gliding sites in the international paragliding scene.

After a stay of fifteen days I bid farewell to the fellow staff that served me with the best instant soup and danced on their folk music. As I am carrying my luggage to the alto, the pahari woman comes with a bag full of ripe oranges and smiles and says”chini ke sath khana”(have them with sugar).Laughing I wave my hand out of the taxi and leave the sojourn place.

P.S. I am terribly upset that I couldn’t do paragliding which I am still regretting.

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