Oops , did I just ruin my Traditional Indian Shoe.

Indian society judgement taboo

My India , rich with her beauty and heritage this country is considered as heaven on Earth for most countries. They are so lured by our diverse tradition , while being unaware of the vast set of taboo in the Indian culture. A culture or set of passive harming behavior which are not accepted as positive marks on the character by the JUDGEMENTAL INDIAN SOCIETY.

Lets take a few steps into the Indian shoes.

1. Menstruation

Oops. Being a man did I just say that word. Oh my god how cheap I am to talk about periods. These are girl things that goes buried into their graves with them. Men don’t need to know about periods , sanitary napkins , tampons etc. They are not even allowed to touch those things. Girls should not speak to men about periods, they should not share their menstrual problems with their husband, Male friends, Colleagues anyone.

2. Sex

Look everyone, “ when a man and a woman marries , the god becomes happy and gift them a cute little baby like me”. Isn’t this story we are all familiar with. Well that’s how reproduction rolls in India. Remember when you actually came to know how you arrived in this country, how you felt looking at your parents. And yes CONDOMS, more covert than the surgical strike. If you accidentally buy them in front of the society , you are criticized. Have 10-15 kids , have kids when you are not prepared , not a shame but buying condom yeah that’s a black mark on your character. Sex before marriage ? chi chi. Those forbidden words are not to be shouted in the society.

Indian society judgement taboo

3. Homosexuality

wow? Is it a new de-odorant in the market. What? How come girl can fall in love with girl? why man make love to man? , how can they conceive for the next generation? Kids these days are just doing too much in the name of westernization. Don’t play with natures creation , don’t be the one out of the box. Your parents respect stands on your sexual orientation also.

4.Dress code

( here my nation totally becomes women centric)

Two women wearing saree saw a girl wearing crop top and skirt. The conversation turned to , look at that shameless girl. So much of skin exposed. Didn’t her parents teach her our culture or just too busy to look after her. They insist these boys into raping them. Our boys are just teaching them culture which their parents couldn’t .