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How Pepsi becomes a multi-tasking drink?

Pepsi multi-tasking drink

Pepsi is one of our all -time favorite cold drink. Behind using Pepsi as a drink, we can use the bottle of Pepsi in many other ways.  This list may left wonder you, how can a Pepsi be used in such ways. Here are the 12 ways you can use Pepsi in different fields.

  1. Fertilizing

Coke is used many times to improve the quality of compost and soil.

  1. Loosening bolts

To loosen the rusty bolts of the machine, pour some drops of coke and leave it for an hour.

  1. Curing stomach pain

To treat the disorder of gastric phytobezoar, doctors prescribed to drink flat coke.

  1. Removing grease stains

To remove the stain of grease, add some coke with your detergent and soak it in the warm water.

  • Cleaning washrooms
  • The acid present in the drink break down the lime scum present around the toilet bowl.

    1. Removing blood from clothes

    Just like grease stain, blood stain can be washed away with Pepsi.

    1. Making pots look new

    To make the pot clean, put some coke in it and cook something in it for an hour.

    1. Getting paint of metal furniture

    For few days just leave a coke drenched towel on the surface of the furniture. Stains of paint will be removed from the furniture.

    1. Cleaning of coins

    Soak the pennies in coke for overnight; they will be shiny in the next morning.

    1. Killing bugs

    In many countries, farmers used coke as an insecticide to kill the insects.

    1. Removing gum from shoes

    If you got gum in your slippers or shoes just leave Pepsi on it and then remove it with a knife.

    1. Reduce pain

    Pour some coke on stings and bug bites to reduce the pain.


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