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Playboy – A Hugh Hefner’s Paradise

Hugh Hefner is the man who built the playboy empire. He was considered to be a genius while growing up. He wrote many comics and stories during his school days which earned him a great amount of recognition. During world war II, he also served as a writer and cartoonist for U.S army newspaper. Hefner started his early career as a copywriter for Esquire and later quit the job after being denied a pay raise. Soon after his resignation, he launched this divine brand. In 1953, Hefner released the first issue of the playboy magazine which was featuring Marilyn Moore. He was even arrested for promoting vulgarity and obscenity in early 60’s.


Playboy magazine has been banned in several countries like India, Singapore and China etc… Hefner is the reason behind the strange idea of rabbit as the playboy mascot. One could simply draw a rabbit head on an envelope and it would reach the desired destination. Hefner’s name is also mentioned in the Guinness book of records for his achievements. His love for pajamas is so evident and it is also speculated that he has over 200 pairs of silk pajamas. Playboy mansion is well known for its extravaganza for hosting parties and playmates. It takes more than money to enter the gates of this mansion. The mansion, which is considered to be Hefner’s home is also known as a “Heaven on Earth”.


Few facts about the brand Playboy


Celebs On Cover

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Only very few celebrities like Madonna, Drew Barrymore, Sharon Stone, Naomi Campbell, Kelly Brook and Cindy Crawford have graced the cover of playboy magazine.


The Tunnel

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There were rumors of underground tunnels running from the mansion to the homes of famous actors like Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson.


Playboy Tickets

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The tickets for big parties at the mansion are pretty expensive. Hefner himself decides who gets to go past the gates.


Tyson’s Invitation

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Mike Tyson was once invited to attend the screening of a film. During which he fell asleep in a couch and left the phone ringing. That was Tyson’s first and last invitation.


The Record

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Pamela Anderson – The former Baywatch star has adorned the cover of playboy magazine more than any other models. She holds a record of appearing 12 times.


Hugh Hefner – Thank you for giving us wonderful playmates over the years. May you soul rest in peace. 

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