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Praising yourself each day would make you stronger

When we were young we used to look up to our parents and peers for recognition. This is how we tend to learn about the world around us and our place within it. We are used to waiting for someone’s approval and recognition. But we rarely learn to recognize ourselves. This often leads to accusations of arrogance rather than self-empowerment. So, why does this happen?

Praising yourself each day would make you stronger

If we carefully analyze our childhood we will realize that we were taught to focus on our weakness rather than our strengths. Do you remember your teachers or your parents saying that do not do this task as it is dangerous for you? This is the reason why we feel the need to improve the flaws only when we’re not doing something right or we’re heading down the wrong life path. So, we never celebrate our strengths but we woo our weakness.

Recognition from other

Our brain is built in such a manner that we crave for recognition from other. We like when someone praises us in front of other. And this is the main reason why we tend to focus more on getting our job done. But, recognition from others is not the only source. Recognizing our own achievements and strengths is much more powerful than any outside validation. Recognising our achievements, however small it may be, creates a sense of energy and allow us to get that feel-good factor. Doctors also suggest that one should celebrate their success as it helps to build more self-confidence.

Praising yourself each day would make you stronger

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You must have heard that self-confidence hold the key for any kind of job. Also, praising our strength will also help us to avoid from depression even when the whole world is against us. This is why you shouldn’t wait for recognition but instead feel the power of recognizing yourself.

Let’s see few ways by which you can recognize your own achievements and gain empowerment.

  1. Daily write small achievements

You should try to write your daily achievements. It does not matter how small is the achievements. For example, if you have habituated to smoking then if you do not smoke for one day, then you should write it down. Even the smallest things such as meeting a new person, walking 10 minutes more than usual or helping a stranger should be considered accomplishments. This will help you to think what you could achieve. Always remember it’s a collection of small achievements that make a big one.

  1. Ignore the negative feedbacks

People will say things to you. Some of them might be positive and another negative. You should listen to every saying but should not get attached to that. It means that don’t get frustrated or angry simply because someone says that you cannot do this job. It’s up to us to decide what is constructive in our growth and what is just unnecessary. Do not give too much importance to other’s opinion.

Praising yourself each day would make you stronger

  1. For every weakness develop a corresponding strength

No person in this world is completely perfect. Everyone has some strength and weakness. But what makes a person unique is the way he handles his weakness. Well, you should counter your weakness by corresponding strength. For example, if you think too much before doing anything then you should think that as a strength, as you are a detailed thinker and maybe you can use that to your advantage.

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Always remember, It’s not the strength or weakness that defines a person, it’s the way he handles them.


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