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Pretty cow and dirty humans

In the midst of heightening agitation over beef utilization the nation over, the Manohar Lal Khattar Government in Haryana has guided the gau raksha dals to shun acting as a vigilante, to uphold bovine assurance law. The news came after the harassment episodes of merciless assaults by gau rakshaks against minorities over doubts of cow sneaking and butcher the nation over.


Source: Quartz


Modi’s take on Gau Raksha sewaks

Modi’s take on denouncing the vigilantes as miscreants who are tarnishing the idea of cow sewa, or serving cows. According to him, there is absolutely no need for anyone to take the law into his or her hands and disturb the spirit of harmony and togetherness. Cow vigilantes who are attacking in the name of cattle protection are nothing but antisocial elements hiding behind the mask of cow defenders. He denounced India’s large meat trade, which he emotionally described as a “pink revolution” that had to be stopped. Fit fever climate has also spawned rising vigilantism, with mobs of cow protection squads attacking those suspected of facilitating the beef trade. High-quality global journalism requires investment.


The steps towards stabilization

The BJP-drove State Government has additionally started a procedure to issue personality cards to the veritable gau raksha outfits, who are working for dairy animals insurance in Haryana. With cow slaughter and smuggling a delicate issue crosswise over Haryana, the main BJP Government in Haryana had in 2015 upheld Haryana Gauvansh Sanrakshan and Gau Samvardhan Act 2015 making bovine butcher culpable with thorough detainment of up to 10 years and a fine of Rs 1 lakh.Previously, a few recordings had surfaced showing self-declared gau rakshaks whipping minorities for purportedly having beef in the State.




In one video, a Muslim youth was pounded by three gau rakshaks in Sohna for purportedly endeavoring to pirate beef in Mewat while in another video, gau rakshaks were seen persuasively bolstering dairy animals fertilizer to two affirmed beef dealers in Faridabad. A year ago, Haryana Government had chosen to issue character cards to honest to goodness dairy animals defenders in the State. For this, the Haryana Gau Sewa Aayog had incorporated an area shrewd rundown of cow vigilantes bunches for police confirmation.

violence in the name of cow protection is beginning to threaten the nation, alienating some constituencies — such as low-caste Hindus, formerly considered “untouchable” and now known as Dalits — that the party has tried to woo ahead of a batch of upcoming state elections. He pressed on the importance of good governance. It is important that people responsible for tasks be held accountable… then there will be an improvement.

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