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Prevent embarrassing makeup problems!

Lipstick on teeth!

Source: stylecraze

Remember the last time you had the perfect makeup and used an extremely rich and creamy lipstick which glided like heaven on your lips? Well, there could be a major chance that the lipstick rubbed off on your teeth and when you were giving the most colourful smile to the people you spoke to!

Creamy lipsticks tend to slip and slide towards the inner lips. To make sure you have get no tint on your teeth, take a clean spoon. Invert it and place it in your mouth. Now slide it out. You will notice that the excess lipstick gets on the spoon and now you can smile without any hesitation!


Makeup transfer!

Source: ytimg

This one is a huge problem for the oily skin girls! But then, it can happen to anyone. Makeup may get runny and transfer onto your phone, on your clothes or onto someone else’s clothes if you hug them (the most embarrassing thing!). To avoid this, set your face using a loose face powder. Use more on the areas which get oily. Then set it again with the help of a makeup setting spray. Also, blot your face every few hours to get the cakey foundation off of your face!


A white flashback!

Source: hudabeauty

Some of the foundations can give a horrible flashback under flash photography. To avoid that, use foundations which do not contain silica! Avoid wearing a sunscreen underneath the makeup or using any products with SPF. If you do not have any such products then good enough otherwise all you can do, is avoid flash photography!


Different shade on neck and face!

Source: thebrunettediaries

Often times, girls just forget about applying foundation onto their neck. This could get quite embarrassing because if you are using a much pigmented foundation and your neck is not the same colour as your face, then the makeup will only highlight this and make it look evident. Always apply some foundation onto your neck and the perimeters of your face so that the makeup looks well blended.

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