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Priyanka Chopra has a Pakistani lookalike, and social media is obsessed with her! Meet Zhalay Sarhadi

It’s not uncommon to find everyday people who resemble superstars (photos here). Some style themselves to match celebrities, others just naturally look like a carbon-copy. Well, if you’ve been clued in on social media buzz, you’d already know that our desi girl Priyanka Chopra already has a doppelganger in Canada-based fitness vlogger, Navpreet Banga. Well, turns out, she’s got another much closer home – in Pakistan!

Meet Pakistani model and actor Zhalay Sarhadi, who – according to many – looks very similar to the Baywatch actor. So much so that she was even approached to do a body double for Chopra. Zhalay recalled how once an Indian actor she had been working with had sent a picture of hers to his friends and agents as a joke. “The agent asked him, ‘Who is this? Priyanka ki cousin aisi tau nahin hai, ‘ the Express Tribune reported. “Someone from India then approached me to do a body double for Priyanka, which really offended me,” she said. “I thought, ‘really?’” the report added.

Explaining that the hype is not new, she had said, “I started working the same year that Indian channels got banned in Pakistan and Priyanka became Miss World. I remember, I was hosting a show back then and everyone thought it was Priyanka and not me.” Even since then she has been compared to the Fashion actress so many times that she feels by now even Priyanka Chopra knows about her.

Take a look at their photos here:

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