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Questions which can help you assess the state of relationship

Commitment is the big step for anyone. So, before making that decision it is normal to think several times. It is often seen that women are more concerned about picking their life partners because everyone wants a perfect life partner who understands other. So, here is few questions that you should ask yourself to assess the state of a relationship and find out whether it is what you have been looking for.

  1. Can you share your feelings?

It is probably most important thing is any relationship. In any successful relationship, both partners should be able to tell each other their darkest secrets and they should trust each other. If you believe that you can share your feelings very comfortably, then you should move to the next stage.

  1. Do you argue?

It is natural to have some serious conversation in any relationship but the intensity of that argument is very important. Does the argument go out of hand frequently? Does solving disputes takes lots of days? Keeping arguments from getting out of hand is about self-regulation and self-awareness. It’s okay to get upset, but it’s important to realize when the conversation is going nowhere and turning into a power struggle. If you can control your feelings and sort out any argument peacefully, then you are in a great relationship.

Questions which can help you assess the state of relationship

  1. Do you make a decision the together?

Any decisions about you and your partner life should be made together. Does your partner make the decision a without consulting you’re does he forces you to accept his decision? If so, then you should get out of that relationship as these things can create lots of problem in long-term.

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  1. Do you know your partner strength and weakness?

It is important to know your partner’s strength and weakness as you should be there for him when he or she is going through tough time. This is about knowing about each person’s emotional wounds and trigger points. You should what your partner likes or dislikes and which are the things that scare the hell out of him or her. This will help you to strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

  1. Are your future goals same?

It is necessary that both partners have similar future goals. You should sit and discuss the future life and planning and try to figure out that whether you will be able to involve yourself in that life. Being on the same page is about having a similar view of what is important in life, be it kids and family, career.  Again, communication is an issue here, but also agreement about what you each envision and need regarding time alone and as a couple.

Questions which can help you assess the state of relationship

  1. Are your work life’s compatible?

It is also an essential step that you should be able to spend time together frequently. If you work at day and your partner works at night then you will not be able to spend time throughout the weeks. If this is the case then you should sit and discuss things with your partner.

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It is very difficult to find a perfect partner. But you should try to adapt yourself to a situation. In a real relationship, both the partner has to make some sacrifices so that both of them have a happy life.





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