Remedies to get rid of pimples overnight

Pimples are quite normal. But some people lose all chill when a pimple begins to appear. Of course their timing could be a little off! But hey! There is no need to panic. You can deal with them overnight as well.

Here are a few simple remedies which will work well against pimples.

The first step in treating a pimple is simple. Just take an ice cube and press it over the inflamed are. This step will immediately reduce the size of the pimple and help the remedies work better.



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Yes, you can use mouthwash for reducing pimples as well. Take a cotton swab and soak its tip in Listerine. Now apply over the pimple. Make sure to let it dry after the first application. Apply 3-4 coats. Listerine has anti-inflammatory compounds and anti-bacterial properties as well. This helps to remove the bacteria from the area and help the pimple heal faster.



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Using toothpaste for treating pimples is a popular hack. However, you need to use it the right way in order to get results. Pick a toothpaste which does not have any added fragrance or ingredients. Avoid using gels as well. Simple Colgate will do the job well. Now, to use this remedy, clean the affected area first. Apply some toothpaste over the pimple. Before it dries up, place a small piece of wet tissue over it. Let it stay on the pimple for 3-4 hours but not any longer. Now wash with the help of cold water.



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That’s right! After shave could help. It contains ingredients which resist infections and help in healing pimples. Using a cotton swab, apply the after shave over the pimple multiple times.



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These toners are typically used to prevent blackheads and exfoliate the skin chemically. This ingredient works very well to reduce pimples as well. Take a small piece of cotton. Soak it in the toner. Now stick the cotton over the pimple. The acid will work on the pimple and once the cotton is completely dry, it will fall off on its own. If you don’t have toner at hand, simply dissolve a tablet of aspirin in a few drops of water and apply the paste on the affected area. Leave it on until it dries up and then wash with cold water.



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