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How To Remove Makeup In 5 Easy Steps

Makeup can be quite difficult to get off your face completely. With foundations transforming into full coverage ones, and mascaras turning waterproof, it is a daily struggle to get rid of makeup from your skin completely. However, if not removed properly, makeup can clod pores and lead to acne. Face wash, is simply not enough! So, while we take 15-20 minutes to apply makeup, we must take the same amount of time to remove it as well.

Here are 5 easy and pocket friendly steps you can follow to remove makeup easily.

Step 1

Use baby oil or cold cream to remove most of the makeup

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Makeup removers are sometimes as expensive as the actual makeup. A much cheaper alternative is baby oil, which works as effectively and is much friendlier to the skin. Simply take a cotton pad and put some baby oil over it. Wipe away all the excess makeup. If you do not have baby oil, then you can use a simple cold cream as well. If you don’t have cold cream, then use coconut oil. To use coconut oil, rub a few drops of it on the skin and watch it work it’s magic. However, coconut oil is not recommended for oily skin as it could clog pores.


Step 2

Use wet wipes to remove the residue

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After removing most of your makeup with an oil based formula, use wet wipes to get rid of the oil and the left over makeup. Don’t forget to remove the makeup from your neck as well as sides of the face and your hairline.


Step 3

Use a face wash

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Now is the time to finally have some water over your face. Use a face wash suitable for your skin and use the face wash for full 60 seconds. This step will remove all the dirt from your face and leave it fresh and clean.


Step 4

Tone your skin

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You may be too lazy to do anything further, but in the long run, toning your skin will prove to be very beneficial. Use a toner or a facial mist to hydrate your skin. A facial mist is much more calming than a toner and requires almost no effort. You can make your own rose water toner by boiling a few rose petal in water and then storing it in a spray bottle.


Step 5

Moisturise your skin

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The last step is to apply a lightweight moisturiser or facial oil and sleep with it.

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