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rohit sharma vs virat kohli who is better batsman

rohit sharma virat kohliu

rohit sharma vs virat kohli who is better batsman- Virat and rohit both are best pleyer in india cricket team.

Rohit sharma also called run mashin and best pleyer and he also know for hit the highest shot in T20 cricket formet as campare to virat kohlki is a technicle player in every situation.

Virat is best player as campare to virat in test cricket team bur rohit sharma is the rokc!

A decade ago, when Indian cricket needed some worthy replacements for Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid, quite a few names were in the contention. Among those few, two names that impressed everyone were Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma.

Having made their international debut almost at the same time (2007 and 2008), both these players were hailed as the men who will carry the baton of India’s batting legacy in the next decade or two. Fortunately, they didn’t disappoint as they had a successful transition from domestic cricket to International cricket.

In spite of making his debut a year after Rohit, Kohli has become the Indian captain in all three formats while the former is still an integral part of his skipper’s plans.

Let us take a look at an analysis on who the better player is across all the three formats.

rohit sharma vs virat kohli who is better batsman



Rohit Sharma was supposed to make his Test debut way back in 2010 against South Africa in Ahmedabad, much before Virat Kohli was drafted to the Test squad, but an injury to him just before the toss delayed his debut by three years.



Just like Tests, Rohit Sharma had a slightly better start when compared to Virat Kohli in ODIs. Rohit was drafted into the team as a 19-year-old for the tour of England in 2007. Though he got to play a combined total of only four matches in his first four series, his major break came in the 2008 CB series against Australia and Sri Lanka where he was given a longer run.

Twenty20 Internationals

rohit sharma breck the record

Rohit Sharma announced himself in the International arena by playing a match-winning knock against South Africa in the 2007 World T20 and took India to the semis. He followed it up with an underrated performance in the final and took India to a total closer to 160.

Yet again, Rohit had a better start to his career in a format when compared to Kohli. The latter had a relatively slow start to his career and was often termed as a player who can’t give his best in the T20 format. He was scoring runs consistently and overtook Rohit after his first few matches, but he was not considered a T20 material while Rohit was establishing himself as India’s best T20I batsman, thanks to his consistency.

“Sky of Wonder, Power of Thunder!”

Before anyone starts wondering whether I’m on drugs or alcohol, let me clarify that this is what I usually use to describe the two young turks of the current Indian set up – Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli, respectively. After the hiding they gave the Australians last night, the meaning of these monikers becomes much more apt.

Virat Kohli, too, has walked on similar lines. Fresh from leading the U-19 side to a World Cup triumph, he was the quintessential angry young man: brash, outspoken, high on flair and talent. He still retains some of those attitudes, but they are now tempered with a level-headedness and a sense of calm rarely seen in one this young.

What about peaple say about virat and rohit sharma

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