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Samsung to build Bixby to take on Amazon and Google

You must have heard about Google Assistant and Amazon latest technology called Amazon Echo. If you have not, then these things are nothing but a software developed using the artificial intelligence technology. The popularity of AI has been on rising for quite some time now. All the big companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook have working desperately on the artificial intelligence technology. But, now Samsung has also decided to join the race of this AI technology with its latest AI based speaker Bixby.

Samsung’s Bixby

The tech giants like Amazon and Google have developed their AI-powered speaker. With Apple launching HomePod at last month WWDC, the competition got tougher. But, now Samsung has decided to add more spice to the competition by deciding to develop its own voice-activated smart speaker which will have it’s Bixby virtual assistant incorporated within. Samsung has always been ready for the competition (it also released its own operating system for devices to face Google).


Samsung has named this ‘Vega’ and will release soon in the market. It will have to face a tough competition with the liked of Microsoft and Apple announcing that they are also planning to release their AI-powered speaker namely Invoke and HomePod respectively. The company has yet not released any detail on the specs or the released date of the product.

But, Samsung did mention in one of its blog post that the company is working on Bixby and Vega will also be incorporated into the company’s plan. According to the company, Bixby will be first rolled out for the smartphones but later it will expand to all the appliance. So, in future, you can easily control your AC, TV set or even AC with the help of Bixby. The best thing about this is that Bixby will be implemented in the cloud. So, you just need the good internet connection to work.

But all has not been good for Samsung so far. The company aimed at releasing its S8 model with Bixby but unfortunately, they had to release the model without the Bixby in the US. According to some of the reports, the company is rolling out Bixby slowly and it is highly unlikely that this process will be completed before the end of this month.



All the big companies have already made their mark with their AI technology. Samsung has made quite late entry to this market but this should not stop the company from making a strong statement to the others. The company is known for giving the best customer experience in all the electronic gadgets and that too at low cost than its competitors.

Samsung needs to come with a great plan if it wants to make Bixby success as the market is very crowded with all the big companies already dominating this field. So, let’s wait and see how the Samsung goes with Bixby and Vega.


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