These Secrets About Sunny Leone’s Marriage Will Surprise You

When I think about this beautiful woman, it is not her association with the adult industry that comes to my mind. It is her success story, her struggles and of course her confidence that has made me fall in love with her. Sunny is always ready with her sass and impeccable dress sense to woo her fans. She is that one woman who climbed the ladder of success with utmost determination and hard work. Sunny is a lady with a dark past but she completely owns up to it. We all already have her name on our search engines for ‘some or the other reasons’. But, how many of us actually tried to put some sense into it and read about her struggles as an individual? Sunny’s personal life is as interesting as her personal life. Today, we bring to you some facts about her marriage that you might not know.

You surely know about Sunny’s husband, Daniel Weber, but do you know these facts about him?

As per The Times Of India’s article, Daniel is a guitarist from Los Angeles, he also happens to be his wife’s manager and business partner.

Yes, they are business partners.

Sunny trusts the instincts of her husband when it comes to business-related matters. They also started a venture named SunLust Pictures in 2009.

The actress takes Daniel’s advice on various matters.

Sunny never signs any script without Daniel’s approval and this shows how important his opinions are for her.

Her acts show her dedication.

Sunny is very dedicated in her relationship, and the importance that she gives to Daniel proves the fact. She might not be a perfect actress in many people’s opinion, but she is surely a wonderful wife.

She makes it a point to give him time.

Sunny has a very hectic and busy schedule, but she makes sure whenever she is with her husband they spend quality time together and create memories.

Daniel is a perfect hubby.

What is that one quality that you want in your husband? I know, the list might get endless. But, the most prominent wish would be that he must support you in your domestic work. Daniel is a master when it comes to culinary skills because he cooks delicious food for Sunny.

The status doesn’t affect their relationship.

Daniel once said in an interview that, “In Indian society, it is taboo to be in such a profession (adult films), but we love each other. I don’t have to deal with the tag of being a porn star or my wife being one. I own the production company, and we share the best relationship. We are friends, business partners and together 24×7.”

The couple shares a beautiful love story.

While we all are in awe of their current status, the start to this relationship was even more interesting. It took a lot of time for Daniel to persuade Sunny to be with him because she thought of his as a Casanova.

Daniel loves to give surprises to Sunny.


If sources are to be believed, Daniel gifted Sunny a brand new car which was a Mercedes. The entire thing was kept a secret and Sunny keeps on getting such adorable surprises every now and then.

The couple adopted a daughter and took their relationship to very next level.

The couple was in the news when they adopted a cute baby girl named Nisha Kaur Weber. That’s all, folks. Like and share the story with your friends.