What are the side effects of smoking on women

What are the side effects of smoking on women

In general, smoking is really harmful to the health of every person. However, there are particular concerns that only affect the women. Smoking harms the women in the worst possible ways. It actually impacts all the aspect of a woman’s reproductive health. The Tobacco content in the cigarettes actually reduces the blood flow and oxygen absorption in the body. Everyone knows that smoking is extremely injuries to health, however, not many know how it is really harmful to women everywhere. Let’s find out how smoking affects the health of a woman?

Menstrual cycle

There is a stark difference in a smoker and non-smoker’s menstruation routine. According to a study that smoking leads to irregularity in the menstrual cycle. The woman who smokes has a shorter menstrual cycle in comparison to a non-smoking woman.

Early menopause

According to a research, women who smoke may experience a case of an early menopause. The early menopause signs include hot flushes, sweats and insomnia. Only quitting smoking can help you to reduce the risk of early menopause.