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Signs that you’re most definitely a 90’s kid

Get ready to take a trip down the most amazing time of your life. Signs which will remind you that you’re a true 90’s kid.


Tape and pencil

Image result for gif of using pencil to fix the tapes
Source- Reddit


Long before i pods we had tape recorders and tapes. And we didn’t need to call anyone to fix the tapes. Only a pencil would fix everything!


Bed time

Image result for gif on bedtime


!0.30 was super duper late for you!



Related image


Walking and talking wasn’t a phenomenon as you had to be glued to one place while chatting with a friend. Talking and tangling the chord on your finger was a different kind of fun.


Unique candies

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Rola-cola, ulta perk, pouched sip sip were the best candies we ever had! Can someone tell me why they stopped making them?


You did a daily marathon of Duck Tales, He-Man, Flash Gordon, Superman, Tail Spin, Aladdin, Dennis the Menace, Chip & Dale, Spider-man, Mickie Mouse, Small Wonder & more. That too in Hindi!


Image result for gif on old mickey mouse



Image result for tinkle


Tinkle was your jam! Rangoli, Champak, Suppandi, Archies, Chacha-Chaudhary, Nanadan & Chanda Mama. And you still remember the Champak joke section!


Priced Possession

Related image
Source: Tumblr


Scented animal erasers and crazy balls were the rewards you would always ask from your parents!


Ink Pens

Image result for fountain pens


Graduating from 5th grade was a huge deal as you started using pens in the 6th grade & an ink pen was your big leap of faith.


Dream Car

Source: gaadicdn


Maruti 800 was like Audi during the early 90’s. Every kid dreamed of owning one!


Classic TV shows

Source: Scoopwhoop


Your Prime Time TV consisted of Shreeman-Shreemati, Shaktiman, Byomkesh Bakshi, Zabaan Sambhalke & Dekh Bhai Dekh. Admit it, you still remember Dilruba Ji!


Cigarettes You Ate


Souce: packedinindia


If you are telling me, you never had the cigarette candies and pretended to smoke then you’re not a 90’s kid!


No birthday party was complete without colourful cracker chips & a big glass of Rasna. Maybe more than one.



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