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Some of the most unhelpful beliefs about sleep

Some of the most unhelpful beliefs about sleep

It is always said that getting a good sleep is necessary for everyone. It helps to recharge our body and prepare our mind for the next day. But, sometimes we are not able to get enough sleep. There may be many reasons for this. Whenever we are unable to fall asleep, our thoughts are good at going in random directions. You might end up thinking about something which you would not do if you are awake.

So, let’s see some of the common unhelpful thoughts that crop up in mind with insomnia.

  1. Not being able to function tomorrow

If you are not able to get decent sleep, then the first thing that you would worry about is that you will not be able to function tomorrow. You will also think about that you might fall asleep in office or school. Yes, these facts are true that improper sleep can lead you to improper next day where you will drowsy all day. But, you shall also remember that the effect is very small. In fact, studies have shown that very is the very little relation between insomnia and day time sleepiness.

Some of the most unhelpful beliefs about sleep

  1. Cancel all plans for next day

You might fear that you will have to cancel all the plans for the next day simply because you were not able to get enough sleep at night. But, actually, this worry can add to your distress about not being able to sleep. But, again its effect is very small.

  1. Insomnia is destroying health

The research has shown that insomnia can lead to many health problems. But, the one question that still has not been answered is that whether insomnia leads to the bad health or vice versa. Yes, but long-term insomnia is not good for health but it does not have that much effect in short run.

  1. 8 hours sleep per night

Many doctors recommend that one should get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. But, the life is getting too much hectic for that. People are not able to find 8 hours at night get that sleep. What you can do is that is that you can sleep for 6 hours at night and then maybe take a power nap of 1 hours in afternoon. This will keep your body more energetic compared to the 8 hours’ sleep at night.

Some of the most unhelpful beliefs about sleep

  1. Need medication

Some people believe that they cannot get to sleep without medication. They have become so addicted to the medicines that they need to take the pill every night so that they get a proper amount of sleep. But, this will affect your health in a bad way. Many doctors say that it is ok to take medicines for sleep for few days if you are not feeling good. But, getting addicted to that is not good.

  1. Trying harder to fall asleep

You might have faced a situation where you are not able to fall asleep even after a lot of trying. Thinking too much about the sleep can do more bad than good. If your mind is not stable while sleeping you will not be able to focus at one point which will eventually lead to insomnia. This is the prime reason why doctors say that you should walk before going to bed. It helps your brain to calm down.

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