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Start squeezing lemon for good heath purpose

Lemon is a small super food enrich with multiple Vitamins. Moreover, they don’t add a flavour to your dishes.  lemon for good heath Beyond that it is a health ingredient for the human body. Furthermore, lemon consists of Citric Acid which is useful in removing many allergies.

Wondering? That lemon can be so much use for health purpose. In recent times the lifestyle of ours is getting worst. Late night parties and fast food is the invitation of cancer. Cancer Researchers shows that poor lifestyle is the main source of the disease. You no longer do exercise and keep eating fat food. However, your health is in your hands. The flavonoids of lemon juice are useful in treating many ailments. Read these reasons and familiar with the facts.

 lemon for good heath 

  1. Prevent kidney stones

In morning drinking half cup of lemon can raise the citrate level in the urination. Furthermore, it also protects kidney from getting calcium stones.

  1. Soothing a sore throat

Along with honey mix a lemon juice which will cure the nasty sore throat.

  1. Weight loss

Dieting is not a cup of tea for many of us. Seeing the scrumptious food, you are not able to control your appetite.  lemon for good heath The juice contains pectin, a fibre which aid in the weight-loss struggle. This small bomb can support your goals to wear your favourite dress.

  1. Start your day with right thing

Morning is the blissful period in the day. Moreover, always take hot water and fresh lemon juice to add Vitamin C in your diet. Say no to caffeinated drinks.

  1. Stop the itching

Since lemon is having anti-inflammation and aesthetic effects. It can cure the poison ivy or insect bites by rubbing the lemon juice over it.

  1. Bring down the fever

Above all, in fever days your mother will always say to starve. However, gone are those days? Now just take a lemon juice mixture can help you to bring the body temperature down.

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