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Strong Female Movie Characters Which Inspires Me

Men are not alone in feeling pressurised by the media to fit a certain gender mould.  Like men feel pressurised to be masculine, women feel as though they have a particular stereotype to live up to. Women are forced to believe that being skinny and feminine are the keys to success. Think who is on the cover of a women’s magazine. It is always a super model or an extremely toned actress. A women being strong and beautiful is what men prefers. Being strong is not just physical, it’s a state of mind. Take for example, Wonder Woman is a female superhero who wears her femininity with the same pride as she wears her armoured plated bra. In recent days everyone hails wonder women for being such a glorious bad ass and inspiration for both genders. I do agree with most people on this. But strong female characters are not something that we haven’t seen in the past. Many of the strong characters portrayed by women are forgotten and some were even ignored. Even before the release of recent sensation (WW) there are some bad-ass female characters in movies who were stronger than most men in real life.

The following are some my favourite strong female characters of all time,

“Strong is not just physical it’s a mindset”

Kill Bill – The Bride

Let me start with “The Bride” – While describing Uma Thurman’s character in the movie there is a lack of a better word, totally bad-ass. She takes down everyone on the path of revenge and not the only kick ass female character in the movie. In this movie, women dominate men in violence which is a satisfying endeavour to watch. For those who think women are a soft target, please watch this film.

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Silence of the lambs – Clarice Starling

Jodie Foster shines as FBI agent Clarice Starling brought in to work with the most terrifying Dr. Hannibal Lecture to help to solve a crime. This character is a prime example of strength is more emotional than physical. The underlying theme of this movie is like, one young woman fighting her way through a male dominated system to save a life of another young woman.

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The Blind Side – Leigh Ann     

Leigh Ann is a character based on real life. This role was nailed by Sandra Bullock which won her an Oscar. She is tough and never gives up on anyone she loves. Leigh’s character is more of a hustler and her “I don’t give a damn” attitude makes this movie even more enjoyable.

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GI Jane – LT. Jordan O’Neill

One of the most under rated movies of all time. This movie is about an independent woman who proves herself against the odds of difficult navy seal training. She is tough and ambitious. Even when everyone expects her to fail, she never gives up facing high challenges and confrontations by men. She demands equal dose of everything that men receives and shaves her head which makes her a super human.

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Million Dollar Baby – Maggie Fitzgerald

This dramatic tale of female boxer and an ageing trainer is arguably one of the best crafted films of the 21st century. Maggie’s aim at the title shot ends in tragedy leaving her paralysed. She never stops fighting till her last breath which shows how tough she is. This movie lives up to the quote “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” – Mahatma Gandhi



The girl with the dragon tattoo – Lisabeth Salander

Be it the original or the remake version this is one of the best suspenseful thrillers of the decade. The character of the female lead is as weird as one can get, yet intelligent and resourceful. She is a victim of abuse but never fails to give it back in an awesome manner. That’s what makes her so special than the rest. Both Rooney Mara and Naomi Rapace are the perfect cast for Lisabeth Salander. There has never been a female character quite like the one shown in this movie.

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There are so many strong female characters to get inspiration from in terms of physicality and mental toughness like Ripley – Alien, Sarah Connor -Judgement Day, Alice – Resident Evil, Erica Bain – The Brave One, Kyle Pratt – Flight plan, Nawal Marwan – Incendies and the list goes on….


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