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    Why we have fewer friends as we grow up?

    People need other people to share their feelings and emotions. This is the very basic law of nature. There is no human that can leave alone forever. So, people try to make as many friends as they can. But, have you noticed one important fact that the number of friends keeps of decreasing as we […] More

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    To Friend or Unfriend Your Ex: a great dilemma

    The use of social media has increased a lot in the recent times. People use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter a lot to share their best moments of their life. They try to remain in touch with the people whom they love or care about using these social media platforms. According to recently conducted […] More

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    Dedicated And Devoted : DAD!

    Who really needs a prince charming when you’ve got your daddy with you? A son’s first hero and the daughters first love is their father. Who is a father? Father is a protector, who throughout his life protects his family and keeps his children away from all the worries and difficulties. He is a teacher, […] More

  • How to overcome through depressed breakup?
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    How to overcome breakup depression?

    Breakup is a heartbroken experience and sunk the individual in misery. There are many incidents witnessed in the newspaper, where lovers do suicide. Probably, you love your partner the most in the world. However, due to some circumstances he/she might be with not you. Crying over a night and seeing your memories bring tears in […] More

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    Men Vs Women: in terms of Infidelity

    The study shows that women are more likely to signal an end to her primary relationship that if a man cheats. This case is directly related to the thinking style of men and women. Both of them feel differently about relationships. Generally, men are able to separate and compartmentalize intimate connection but women cannot do […] More

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    How to tell if someone worth your trust?

    Trusting someone is the hardest job in the world especially in this fast progressing world. If you put your faith in the wrong person then that can be troublesome for you. We often hear a case when someone truly betrays you. According to phycologists, a person feels more hurt when he is betrayed by someone […] More

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    Secrets to be happy every day

    Are you fed up of the daily monotonous routine? Are you not able to find the source of happiness in your life? Are you feeling depressed? Well, if you have then probably you need to know few simple facts that might help you to get rid of these problems. Researchers have already proven that a […] More

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    No Love Lost – Time To Move On

    Life is so unpredictable they say. Is that so? Yes, indeed it is. Life gives you infinite reasons to be happy. At times life might not be easy but it teaches you a lesson. It’s My Life There are people who cannot live life on their own terms and conditions while there are people who […] More

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    The Grass Isn’t Always Greener on the Other Side

    What “the other side”? They say that the grass is “always greener on the other side”, but no one ever told us what “the other side” was. We as humans always tend to focus on the negative aspects of life – that one friend who did not say hi to us at the lunch table, […] More

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    Broken Heart – Just hang in there!

    Our heart is more delicate and brittle than we can ever imagine. With every little overwhelming incident, a crack appears on our heart. The tightening feeling you get in your chest when you see the person you love laughing in someone else’s arms, when relationships get destroyed due to distance, during the death of our […] More

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    Five Reasons Why You Should Be Proud Being Single!

    In this world of social media, where we can see everything that is going on in people’s lives, seeing cute couple posts are bound to make us feel lonely. In today’s generation when it is considered as crime to be single, here are five reasons why you should be proud about being single. 1. No […] More

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    All the Songs Make Sense

    Music makes sense Richard Castle once asked Kate Beckett, “How do you know you’re in love?” Beckett simply looked at him and the instant reply that fell out of her mouth was, “All the songs make sense”. I never quite understood what she meant by that one sentence, but once I started reading into it, […] More

  • Getting a Dog Changes Your Life
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    How Getting a Dog Changes Your Life

    Let’s admit it: if you’re a dog person and you own a dog, you think your dog is the best dog in the whole wide world. You always yell, “Dog!” when you’re crossing a road or driving and you spot a four-legged furry friend. When you pass someone who is walking their dog, or see […] More

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    To all the single mothers in the world

    No I am not a single mother, I’m not even a mother but I am an adult who happens to know a few single mothers. I would not say that I understand what you go through as it cannot be true and probably makes you furious when people say that. Because no one can truly […] More