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    4 Questions to help you decide if he deserves a second chance

    Life is unpredictable sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s tough, sometimes you don’t know what to do or I say sometimes it’s confusing and sometimes it’s annoying and if by chance you’re in a relationship then it’s quite complicated for you to decide whether you should give him a second chance or not. This situation is […] More

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    To Friend or Unfriend Your Ex: a great dilemma

    The use of social media has increased a lot in the recent times. People use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter a lot to share their best moments of their life. They try to remain in touch with the people whom they love or care about using these social media platforms. According to recently conducted […] More

  • father
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    Dedicated And Devoted : DAD!

    Who really needs a prince charming when you’ve got your daddy with you? A son’s first hero and the daughters first love is their father. Who is a father? Father is a protector, who throughout his life protects his family and keeps his children away from all the worries and difficulties. He is a teacher, […] More

  • single

    Five Reasons Why You Should Be Proud Being Single!

    In this world of social media, where we can see everything that is going on in people’s lives, seeing cute couple posts are bound to make us feel lonely. In today’s generation when it is considered as crime to be single, here are five reasons why you should be proud about being single. 1. No […] More