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The “other” gender – chhakka, hijra

Described by many words, “chhakka, hijra” etc. Usually we use these words to mock a man’s manhood!

I mean come on, don’t you think we need to grow up to rethink that they are not a slang to throw on your friends and foes. They are not words to judge manhood (Chhakka,hijra). They are a living being. They did not ask to born like that way. I have a strong believe that 60% of you, who use those words as slangs or mocking words don’t even know how they are born in that way, don’t even know the science about it. Just knowing a few words and using them in wrong manner does not give you the right to use their category as slang.


If you talk about gender equality, then respect them too; They are also considered as third gender in many forms of Government jobs. There are a thousand words we use to abuse people; mothers and sisters come between our fights of rage. Why they need to be victimized in our personal quarrels and arguments. Stop dragging “Maa, behen, Hijra” for your sake of manhood.

Manhood is showing and growing respect. Even if you ever talk nicely to the transgender they are the most blessing people to you cause not everyone has the guts to stand in front of them and give respect to them as you do to your mother. Finding respected voice towards them can give your manhood an uplift.

If you cannot be the strength of their voice, don’t even think of vandalizing their morals, mental strength. What happens when in a stream of people everyone treats you as untouchable or inhuman or aliens? How would you feel? Got the feeling?

“Stop abusing us, we are also in the human category”

Now think about their side when you abuse their race even though it was never their fault. Through their heart screams come like “stop abusing us, we are also in the human category”. It is you who made them do unhealthy jobs like begging around and to be a sexworker furthermore it is you who pushed them in to the dark well now you are scared of looking at. It is you who broke their confidence to be someone more important in the society by making them a different genre of human. It’s you who’s face they are scared of facing.

Finally look up now, its 21st century. Things have changed, cultures are evolved.

  • Why don’t you look up to the new generation coming up?
  • Why don’t you start acting first than waiting for others to gain majority to take a step?
  • Why are you so nimble of taking your own step ahead?


Be a huMAN, Not a MAN.

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