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“I intend to marry a man who is witty and smart and not any wild presumptuous insect!” Rosalie exclaimed, “I will not allow you to marry me off to some far off prince charming to whom I am not even acquainted with. Rumors claim that he is disrespectful and is as ruthless and as dumb as a wild boar!
Her father laughed at her comparison of that gentleman to a wild boar and said with a hint of sarcasm, ‘Since when did you start believing in rumors? But whatever false you have heard about him that’s certainly wrong as I have met him myself and I have discovered a certain liking towards Sir Arnold. I believe that you too will make a good pair. “
“I request you for one thing daddy” she pleaded, “Is that I want to have my own share of suitors. I can also take your preference as my suitor and all of them in contest against each other to win my hand in marriage. Do you approve this?” Her big green eyes stared at him questioningly.
“I think that’s a wonderful idea dear Rosalie” he said with a nod of approval. Then he frowned and asked, “But dear, what will the contest in?”
“Oh it’s simple! I have only one simple task for them.” She exclaimed proudly. “This is that they have to do something which no one has ever tried to do or ever did.” She said triumphantly as if satisfied with herself.
Robert Foster the duke of Hayward stared at her daughter in the mixed expression of awe and amusement. How did she compile such a tough task in such an easy manner? “Ok. That’s fine. We give all the suitors 10 days time. After 10 days they will present their task that no one has ever accomplished. You are free to choose your suitors.”
The suitor hunt for Rosalie began the next day. No way had she thought was she going to marry that suitor who her father had tried to betroth her to. She picked out the best of artisans, wrestlers, musicians, nobles and scholars for her task as Arnold’s competitors.
A few miles down south Sir Arnold Stevenson’s uncle asked in a voice filled with concerned “son, why are you not practicing for your task? You don’t want to marry her.” Arnold looked up “I want to marry her and I have already finalized my task. All I need is some sheer luck and courage, and a garland of course!!”
His uncle didn’t ask what his plan for which Arnold was grateful. His uncle was in a pensive mood and said slowly, “I hope you succeed in whatever you do, my child.”
“Thank you uncle.”
The day of the competition arrived as all the suitor gathered in an open field. Everyone was in full preparation planning to do their own miracle, Arnold noticed with a smile. All he had brought was a garland. Wizards with their potions, wrestlers practiced their tactics in full swing, etc.

Suddenly the duke along with his breathtaking daughter arrived. They started the scrutinizing and interviewing the suitor’s tasks from the opposite end.
Most of them failed and some who did succeed did not satisfy Rosalie. When it came to the last of suitors the duke and Rosalie stared enquiringly at him and he, just simply stepped forward and thrust the garland around Rosalie’s neck.
“Hey!!” She exclaimed “what do you think you are doing?”
“Marrying you.” He said simply.
“But you have to present your task before you think of marring me!”
“Excuse me, but I have just presented my task, you said to accomplish a task that no one has ever done and I guess no one has ever married you which falls under the same category. So I trust myself as the winner?” He asked with a sideways smile.
“Oh! Yes you are.” She said blushing and thought how she finally found someone refreshingly intelligent and witty who is man of her dreams.


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