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These Guys are not marriage material

Some cute guys are meant to date and adore. You want to make your friends jealous by marrying him. Perhaps, he can’t be yours as he is not meant for marriage. There are many types of guys that you will come across in your life. For instance, some will be flirty, serious and funny guy. Barely, you will find a true gentleman, you want to date. Therefore, marrying in 21st century is not a cup of tea for many youngsters. Therefore, all they want is to roam and travel. Believe me, this guy will be the best date ever in your life. All what you need is a good figure and charming personality. Surely, a guy will be at your door steps. Here are some types of guys who won’t be marrying you.

  1. “Let’s have fun” Guy

Thinking what exactly the definition of fun can be in his dictionary. Therefore, he won’t be talking about adventure or 3-D game. Perhaps, intimacy with you will be his aim. He wants some enjoyment with you and your body. Consequently, such guys won’t be marrying you. Instead, they will be looking for you as time pass material.

  1. “Bear with me” Guy

When you will ask him to meet you whenever. On the contrary, he will find many logical excuses that he needs to go somewhere. You know what he won’t be you ever. Above all, the guy is busy in making his career. Sadly, he is not with you ever and never.

  1. “Be my guest and discuss marriage proposal” Guy

From childhood days you always plan your wedding day. However, this guy won’t be marrying you. Therefore, he knows your all dreams and what you want to wear on your day. Sadly, he’s not your marriage material husband.

  1. “Dare to discuss your ideal marriage” Guy


He knows that you want to discuss about the marriage. Even more, he will neglect you. Gals, move forward as these guys are not of your type.


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