Things I Wish I knew when I was in school…..

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We think our school days to be some of the best days of our lives! Well, at least most of us do! They never come back. We make so many memories with friends, teachers and education.

I personally gained plenty of experience as well.  School life is different for everybody. It was a strange ride but when I look back, I do wish I knew certain things which would have helped me. Good habits you see. Here are those things I wish someone had told me during my school years:


It’s alright to sit alone!  

When in school, anyone sitting alone, with no partner was usually the isolated one! Thought to be the uncool kid once, I too sat alone. For some reason, I would feel really uncomfortable. It would feel like I was being avoided. So to anyone who sits alone on those benches: ITS ALRIGHT! You may feel neglected and distant, but trust me, the other kids are often indulging in stupidities. You are not missing much!

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There is no need to stoop low to fight the bullies!

Damn! Kids can be mean. I would get teased for my skin colour, my hair, and sometimes my weight. And what did I do in return? Insult them back, use derogatory language and hit them! But that’s not the right way dealing with bullies. If you are being bullied or troubled, take help of your teachers! Trust me, their way is much better!


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