Throttled voice will be heard louder: Gauri Lankesh

Throttled voice will be heard louder: Gauri Lankesh

The shameless killing of noted journalist Gauri Lankesh, by unidentified shooters outside her home on Tuesday, has effectively weaved correlations with the murder of researcher MM Kalburgi in a similar pattern couple of years earlier. It has additionally roused much proposition about who may be behind the murder of Lankesh, who widespread had been critical of right forces through her works and activities in the recent past. An absolute condemnation coupled with deep shame have resided over Bengaluru in the past two days.


Her fight was inclined towards the struggle against inciting of communal disharmony and had also been sentenced in a criminal defamatory case. She had earlier out rightly discouraged the conservative fundamentalism, and at times had also voiced against Dalits. But in contrary, her individual analytical abilities were always backed by her solid perspectives which lubricated to trade her perceptions to furthest corners of Karnataka and pan India.


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