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Throttled voice will be heard louder: Gauri Lankesh

The shameless killing of noted journalist Gauri Lankesh, by unidentified shooters outside her home on Tuesday, has effectively weaved correlations with the murder of researcher MM Kalburgi in a similar pattern couple of years earlier. It has additionally roused much proposition about who may be behind the murder of Lankesh, who widespread had been critical of right forces through her works and activities in the recent past. An absolute condemnation coupled with deep shame have resided over Bengaluru in the past two days.


Her fight was inclined towards the struggle against inciting of communal disharmony and had also been sentenced in a criminal defamatory case. She had earlier out rightly discouraged the conservative fundamentalism, and at times had also voiced against Dalits. But in contrary, her individual analytical abilities were always backed by her solid perspectives which lubricated to trade her perceptions to furthest corners of Karnataka and pan India.



Dissenting Voice

With threatening voices coming all her way at regular intervals, Gauri never put a step back to rip off the darkness. Numerous efforts were put forth by the conservative powers to slain the propositions of this veteran journalist but she remained to be relentless and continued her dissent.  Given the seriousness of the situation then, the feisty lady also did not bank upon the promises of reliability and security given by the police officials especially after the murder of Kalburgi.


Protest marches and other manifestation occupied the following day of the murder, with numerous noted journalists and related personalities across platforms sympathized and demanded justice. To the core of such manifestations by citizens, pan India produced an image that the thought of thwarting a critical voice is nothing but an illusion in itself as the murderers should know that the dissenting voice is not of a singular identity but are roused by multitudes. The case is currently under the investigation of Karnataka police authorities but is demanded to assent to CBI investigation.



Political Slug-Fest

If one tries to look at the incidences of Kalburgi murder and Lankesh’s murder and tend to read between the lines, it would stand up to nothing but individual subjectivity. The call of the hour is not turning this dreadful incident into a political slugfest which many individual opinions are trying to execute. If such efforts are prolonged, then real falters will again get an easy alley to hide their existence and the existing condemnation will be hijacked by some unwarranted agenda. Most importantly, Siddaramaiah government should this time set up a fast track investigation of both the murders and arrest the culprits who had tainted the face of democracy.

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