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To Friend or Unfriend Your Ex: a great dilemma

The use of social media has increased a lot in the recent times. People use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter a lot to share their best moments of their life. They try to remain in touch with the people whom they love or care about using these social media platforms. According to recently conducted research, social media also affects our personal life like the relationships.

People share all the happening like engaging in a new relationship to the end of an old relationship. It’s way easier to share the beginning of a new relationship. But, the biggest challenge comes when dealing with an end of any relationship. Suppose you are in a relationship but due to some reason you have to end that. Now, you will think whether you should unfriend your other partner on social media sites or not. Let’s see the reason why this can an be a difficult task.

  1. Keeping track of the information related to your ex

Yes, breaking up with someone is not an easy job. If you use any social networking sites, then you will be bombarded with the post from your ex. You will all the notifications like whether your ex is with someone else or went somewhere with his or her friend. These types of news can hurt you especially during the initial phase of the breakup. Even if you unfriend your ex, you might the notification about then vis your friend’s friend.


  1. Reaction to their social media post

You might get a notification about any post made by your ex. And it is likely that you will react to that. But, the question is how? You may want to get back together or fix the things which went wrong or show your frustration on someone with whom he or she is with at that moment. The problems and the consequences on reacting to your ex can lead to an unpleasant result.

  1. Engaging with your ex

You might want to have a conversation with your ex even after the breakup. There can be many reasons for this. Maybe you want to show your frustration or say that you are sorry and want to get back together. But, this might not be the correct thing to do. In most of the cases, things generally go bad after a breakup and you might end up worsening the things rather than making it right.

The right way

So, what should you do? Should you stay friends with your ex? Should you unfriend your ex? Well, the real answer depends on you, your circumstances of a breakup. If you are struggling through a breakup and fixate on your ex, then strongly engaging in the social media might not be the best thing to do. Ask yourself? Does having the information about ex-hurts you? The best thing is to unfriend your ex if you are looking to get back together. But, always remember that this thing can be done peacefully also. You can try to stay offline for some days, try to meet with new friends or take a break and go somewhere like on holiday or trip.

Just remember that yes getting over someone can be a difficult task but everything can be done when you are with your friends. Try to spend more time with your friend. Don’t lose yourself. Just be yourself!!



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