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Traveling alone by a day dreamer

Traveling alone by a day dreamer

The day was Monday. I was returning from a work trip. I was hauling many disappointments from that trip. Had some fights with my girl too. Burnt in the fallouts of my misfortune’s fire. I was in an agony of what my life is worth to live and fight with the situation.

During my homecoming, I was kind of down and alone. After 2 hours of standing in bus with typical crowded public I made a change at Durgapur Bus depot. I was traveling from Bankura to Kolkata. Bought ticket, Got on the bus and when I got in my luxurious comfort of having a window seat in the bus. I shoved my headphones in to the ears and started daydreaming while looking outside the window and having high-speed air of the highway as a complementary souvenir drinks from the journey.

I was looking here and there as I like to observe things around me and assuming things about very unknown people around me, I suddenly noticed something. There was She flirting through the window seat. As I continued to take notice to her flirt, suddenly noticed that I liked it too. maybe being alone has made me feel so . She flirted and talked to me all journey long and I was also liking the attention, feeling like it was only me who was getting all of her attention.

#traveling_alone #bagfull_of_hope_and_imaginations
#traveling_alone #bagfull_of_hope_and_imaginations

Her glance was giving flares to my human lenses. As I do photography so I did not leave a single chance of capturing her portraitures in my human camera. She was a beautiful model in the landscape to be taken notice after so long time. She was touching my hand, fist, elbow, neck, side of face she was with her burning warmth giving me tan on the skin or should I say I was blushing through this heart warming attention of her. I could literally say I was going disloyal with my girl as I was doing this cheating with this girl, so far away from my girl that she wont even know.

BUT around 5.30 in the afternoon she got down from the bus as her destination was reached by the time. and I experienced how she was filling up the gaps of my mind till she was there. Her rounding curvatures , her skin-burning glow , her breath choking warmth , her blood red aura when she was about to leave the vicinity. The whole sky embraced her beauty and companionship along with me.




P.S. –  She was the good old sun I was enjoying and talking about… sorry to pour water on your expectations.

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