Troll Calls Arjun Kapoor a ‘creep’, ‘criminal’ and ‘rapist’; he gives it back straight!


It’s become common now for celebrities to get trolled. And to a certain length, the stars don’t even respond to such negativity.

But looks like Arjun Kapoor was hurt by one such mean comment.

A user shared an article about “products of nepotism” which included Arjun Kapoor among others, and captioned it: “.@arjunk26 luks like a creep gives vibes of a criminal n a rapist he should be out of #bollywood asap n fresh talent b welcomd #arjunkapoor [sic].”

And Arjun was quick to respond to it. He said: “This is an all time low at trolling I feel…a woman, a girl shamelessly and causally using the term rapist isn’t trolling it’s saddening… [sic]”

The user then immediately deleted the tweet .

Kudos, Arjun!

Arjun Kapoor had talked about trolls on social media while speaking to Hindustan Times.

He had said: “First of all, social media has no bearing of male or female. It acts as a kick for people, who get pleasure out of hiding behind a keyboard. There is no binary in the trolling happening — males troll females and vice versa.”

He had added: “I find it appalling, but that is society. It is shameful, but the reality is that trolling exists. You will never be able to stop it, unfortunately, because that is the power of social media. You can say what you want to and get away with it. This can’t be called a violation, as it’s everyone’s freedom of speech.”