Do have trouble in making friends?

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We desire company and are always rooting for faithful friendship. Human beings have the tendency to crave the positive presence of others, namely friends. However, this is a two way process. Often times people look for certain traits and qualities in people in order to begin friendship. But then, they do not have those traits themselves!

A little introspection and modification never hurt anyone! Here are a few tips and expert fundamentals taken from the famous book – “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie, in order to help you be better at drawing people to your side and making them your friends.

Never get into gossiping!

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You may think that taking petty information from here and there is the nice thing to do in order to make many friends at the same time. But, circulating bitter information around, especially when it is of no concern to you, will only make people lose all respect for you. as soon as become the person who gossips and is loyal to no one, you will find people avoiding you!