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Ultimate diet plan for weight loss for women

“Fitness is not about being better than someone else it’s about being better than you used to be.” Remaining fit and healthy is kind a great concern for every woman in today’s world. Every woman wants to remain physically as well as mentally fit and for that many of them do work out and various other exercises. You might find many fitness freaks out there and if you wish to become one it’s neither too late, you can still give your best and reach to the top.

Weight loss is also considered one of the major concerns in today’s world. There are a lot of different methods shown to lose weight and people do try as well. You might even find diet plans which usually people follow and do get effective results. The diet plan for weight loss for women can be followed by women in order to get effective results. If once you have decided to go on diet it’s really important for you to decide the meal you will have.

Generally, there are two types of diet plans that are followed. If you’re a vegetarian then you would follow Vegetarian diet plan for weight loss and if you’re a non-vegetarian so you would follow the non-vegetarian diet plan for weight loss it’s either of your choices.


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Vegetarian diet plan for weight loss for women: A vegetarian diet is known as a well-balanced diet and is basically appropriate for people of all age group. Be it children, a recovering patient, pregnant women or even lactating mothers a vegetarian diet plan for weight loss for women does include all the nutrients, calcium, minerals, proteins etc which is needed by the body so that it could function properly. If you’re facing diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, cancer, diabetes etc then you can prevent it simply by following this vegetarian diet plan that is prescribed by doctors as well.


Following is the vegetarian diet chart for weight loss for women which you must follow in order to live a healthy and fit life


  • Start your day by having honey and lemon juice mixed with warm water, this is considered to be very effective as it helps in prevention of harmful toxins which are inside our body.


  • For Morning snack you could have a handful of walnuts or almonds and black tea or coffee or even juice would work. This might consider helpful for you if you’re working and can quench your hunger as well.


  • For breakfast what you can do is have a brown bread, skimmed milk, wheat bran/oats/cornflakes/sprouts or fruits or salads and if you’re a typical Indian you can even opt for Upma, vegetable poha, idlis, daliya with fruits or skimmed milk. Basically, breakfast should be light and healthy and it’s your choice you can have it according to your preferences.


  • For lunch: Lunch should anyway be heavy as it’s the basic. You can have a Chapati without oil or ghee, rice but without starch, salads, vegetable or any vegetable curry, dal is a must and curd for taste.


  • For evening snack: Evening snack is important as well as it helps in the digestive system and also in weight loss and for evening snack avoid eating fast food and instead of that eat sprouts, apple, cucumber, carrots, nuts and have tea with light biscuits.


  • For dinner:  Same as Lunch but you need to make sure this time the quantity should be less than that for lunch and again Dinner should not heavy it should be light and it should basically include a Chapati without oil or ghee, rice but without starch, salads, vegetable or any vegetable curry, dal is a must and curd for taste.


  • Night snack while going to bed: Just have a glass of skimmed milk you can even avoid drinking milk at night if you have already taken it in the morning i.e. during breakfast. You can simply eat fruits and then go to bed.


Follow this vegetarian diet chart regularly and consistently to reduce your weight and to remain healthy and fit. There are many varieties of diet charts as mentioned above and if you’re a non-vegetarian and don’t prefer vegetarian food that much, you can even follow a non-vegetarian diet chart too.


Here, is the Non- vegetarian diet chart for weight loss for women which you prefer and definitely must follow:


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Non- vegetarian diet chart for weight loss for women: Non-vegetarians do have a variety of options when it comes to a protein such as meat, eggs, dairy products, and fish. It’s not always about the options available but it is also important for you to know about the right quantity of protein that should be consumed on a particular day. If you’re at the gym or in workout stuff then accordingly it varies from density to density i.e. it varies from 1.5 g to 2.5 g body mass.


Following is the Non- vegetarian diet chart for weight loss for women which you must follow in order to live a healthy and fit life


  • Start your morning with a glass of lukewarm water and add some lemon juice in it with a honey as it will help in hydrating your body and would also prevent bowel movement.


  • For breakfast, you can have dishes related to eggs like you can have an omelet and make sure it’s with a bit of oil and you can even have scrambled eggs or even plain boiled eggs and some salt & pepper added to it. Avoid eating fried items like egg fry or French toast. You can either have eggs with a slice of wheat toast or some milk and you can also have both at the same time either of your choices.


  • For lunch, you can eat a meat vegetable dish and chicken side-dish you can have any one of them and just make sure that meat is prepared in the home only because it’s better to make the dish at home as you might be more conscious about the cleaning and cooking practice. Avoid eating fried chicken and instead of that you can grill it or roast it or you can even boil it.


  • For dinner, the best option you can have is sea food and in fact, sea food soups are just adding a better taste to make your day even more beautiful. And also you can have streamed or grilled fish dish at the same time.


Apart from exercising and relying on the gym, it’s important for you to remain fit and healthy. Whether you’re vegetarian or non-vegetarian you always have to eat regularly and in moderation and also you can follow the above-mentioned diet charts in order to lose weight effectively.

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